Idaho state parks department eyes corporate sponsorship

Idaho state parks department eyes corporate sponsorshipKBOI 2 News

BOISE, Idaho (AP) — The director of the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation is seeking permission from lawmakers to allow corporate sponsorship as a way to bring in money for the state’s park system.

The Spokesman-Review reports that David Langhorst told lawmakers Monday that allowing businesses to put their names on signs, picnic shelters and brochures could help make the park system pay for itself.  

Langhorst says allowing corporate sponsors isn’t prohibited by state code but it isn’t expressly allowed.

The Idaho attorney general’s office suggested Langhorst seek approval by proposing a bill this year to authorize such arrangements.

The parks department this year is getting $3.5 million in state funds.

In fiscal year 2008 the agency received nearly $18 million in state general funds.


Information from: The Spokesman-Review

3 thoughts on “Idaho state parks department eyes corporate sponsorship

    1. I can see it all now. Just like all the sports venues are named for their corporate sponsors, you will have “Monsanto State Park”, Coke-O-Cola Canyon, and Halliburton Hill State Park.

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