5 thoughts on “Idiot excited about face scan

  1. She’s gonna have to use her “other” devices to pay if she decides not to be a good little slave.

    Dingbats like this give dingbats a bad name.

    1. Precisely. And from every corner, they’re pouring it on thick:

      “We will also move forward on using the latest in technology to identify problems, follow up on leads and collect evidence — from facial recognition technology to new tools that can spot those carrying weapons, we will use every available method to keep our people safe.”
      — New York City Mayor Eric Adams

      “It blows my mind how much we have not embraced technology, and part of that is because many of our electeds are afraid. Anything technology they think, ‘Oh it’s a boogeyman. It’s Big Brother watching you.’ No, Big Brother is protecting you.”
      — New York City Mayor Eric Adams


  2. I’m putting this comment here because this is not the kind of society we want. We want to live on the rock of the law that defies (maybe a better word would be “obliterates,”) any kind of social credit system that would enslave us to it. Yesterday, I heard a lengthy message from one of the Cree indigenous matriarchs, Serena Freedombear, who was speaking about world unity for freedom, liberty, individual sovereignty and our natural born rights. It began last winter as the Canada Unity Convoy, which was about mending our divisions, bringing the people together and taking our country back. This unity movement was hijacked by the Masons who re-branded it and called it the Freedom Convoy. The people went to Ottawa and got curb stomped. They recently announced they would host Freedom Convoy 2.0 and make it go world wide. Something happened that caused them to re-brand it back to Unity. World unity, for the people to rise and build a parallel society.

    It sounds like a great idea, but if it is not built upon the law that has already been written, December 15, 1791, there is no way any kind of parallel society can ever be free. How will the rampant pedophelia be extinguished? How will the theft of resources and the ravages of the military industrial war complex that burns babies to the bone with phosphorous bombs ever be defeated without what is already established in the 2nd Article of the Bill of Rights? She says she is guided, and that this is the time for all the people to rise as one, discarding the differences and divisions, and come together, world wide, Feb. 17, 2023 to reclaim their sovereignty. Maybe this is a start, but not without the foundation of the law that has already been established for true freedom and liberty.

    This could be an opportunity for us to get those 10 Articles in front of those with eyes to see, ears to hear, and back bone to carry it with them.

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