If Even One of the 7000 Cross Our Boarder – Trump Must be Removed from Office – Enough!

American Nationals have had to endure the circus barking from Trump now for years, but we still are being inundated with illegal aliens, draining our natural resources, our jobs, resources that should be used for our own people, not some 300 pound pregnant WET BACK who never had any intention of respecting American ideals, heritage or for that matter, anything we have built to make our country great. It seems that Trump is a joke, always has been, always will be. This ass hat is a billionaire; he doesn’t give a damn about us, only himself.  

The office of the President is now an illegal alien clearing house, millions have entered our country over the years, so much so that we have almost doubled the population of America, English is becoming a second language, no thanks to the traitors who have occupied the office of the presidency, pathetic.

We have let our presidents slide when they have failed us. No accountability whatsoever, it’s become the new norm to let in anybody from another country, no matter what. Everybody wants the cheap labor, and look where it’s got us. The billionaires are running the show.

What’s the point of even writing anymore than that? It’s useless, nobody gives a damn, and we just let illegals do whatever the hell they want, knowing we aren’t going to do a damn thing!

All I can say is, if one of these WET BACKS cross, Trump must be removed, simple as that.

If you Trump lovers can’t see through all of the BS, then you’re sick in the head. The economy isn’t getting any better, it’s all BS, sure everybody is making more money, but to what end? Everything is 5 times more expensive, what the hell is wrong with you Trump lovers? Can’t you see the problem here?

America is becoming a joke to the rest of the world; we have weak ass presidents who take orders from trillionaires. Pathetic…

Israel runs the show, we bow to them like good little slaves.

22 thoughts on “If Even One of the 7000 Cross Our Boarder – Trump Must be Removed from Office – Enough!

  1. Dude….President Trump is no angel….. however he is the only one at least trying to make things better… remove Trump and then what? Your own prejudices are showing….

    1. If you researched a little you would find him taking our gun rights, supporting and doing the bidding of Israel (war and theft), removing our due process, lying. These are just a few of his misdeeds. Oh yeah, I forgot about stop and frisk. And he should have stopped the invasion long ago!!


    2. Trump has done nothing to make America a better place, zero, naada, zip zero. Get rid of the circus barking son of a bitch.

      I’m sorry, I’d rather have nothing than what we have now, when you have had the jokes that we have had for president, it’s obvious that American Nationals can take care of things just fine.

      The office of president is a joke anyway, the last 5 haven’t done shit.

    3. Oh, he’s making things better, all right, for the international elitist jew ass suckers who paid to con people like you to get his commie ass put into office.
      By the way, dude, you are on the wrong f-king website.

    4. You have GOT TO BE KIDDING! And in fact the only “prejudiced” or “racist” folks I know are either Trump supporters or Antifa types that, though white, claim to hate whites…and I’ve known a few white supremists in my life (masquerading as Christian Identity)…even they aren’t as racist as Trumpers or Antifas.

    5. And another thing, Terrance–since when has Frump mandated or even promoted the idea that all Americans or American-immigrants speak English? You know, assimilate? Terrance, not that you care, but I cannot count the number of good paying counseling jobs I could not get in far west Texas because MY SPANISH (!) WASN”T GOOD ENOUGH!!! Gee, had this Chabader wannabe made things better for you? Orjustymade your enslavement nicer? Wake up, dude!

  2. Mark and Henry, thank you for the spotlight on the invasion. After reading this and after listening to Henry’s broadcast today, I feel like I am being stabbed in the stomach. The enemy advances, and tonight The Voice will still air on t.v. The World Series is coming to further distract much of the nation. And the polls will be the ploy of ploys.

    Oh Halloween, you will deliver some very real monsters. My country, where art thou?!!

  3. Anyone care to take any bets that Mr. Trump and his bankster friends are the very ones who are orchestrating this alleged ‘caravan’ to enter the united States just in time for the mid-term elections so that Trump can have a “show down,” come to the recue and keep a Republican majority? Hmmmmm! Think about this for just a minute.
    Do we all have to sit here being manipulated by Trump’s 24/7 “reality” show every day and never question anything??? THINK PEOPLE. WHAT A SCAM THIS WHOLE THING POSSIBLY IS!

    Remember the Iranian hostage crisis and how Bush senior arranged for their release months in advance so that it would happen on Reagan’s inauguration day celebrations…Think.

    1. I think you’re on to something. With each passing moment seems they’re setting him up to be a hero, a grand rescuer. We shall see how it plays out.

      I can actually say this is the first time I’ve really and truly felt under attack from an invading army. It feels ugly and horrible. Thank God many are ready.


  4. What pisses me off is I am starting to see more and more mexicans around – Rural Canada – We are like 4000 miles away from mexico and I am seeing cars with mexican plates on them and groups of mexicans walking around town. How the hell did they get all the way up here?

    1. Your prime minister is a Jew puppet, just like our jew puppet.

      Wait until the Mexicans start killing your people! MS 13 supply’s Canada’s drugs.

    2. If you are very rural you probably know someone who owns a big acreage property. You also most likely know someone who owns a backhoe. Only WE can solve this problem. Diplomacy is broken. The game is rigged. The table is tilted. You and I and the rest of the Trenchers will never win by playing within the confines of their rules.
      Jim, only you and your community working together will fix this.

    3. Same way they got way up here to Oregon from Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras. They were aided and assisted by the international corporate mafia for the purpose of removing our sovereignty.

  5. If?!? More like when. Remember his big words about how they would all be gone on day one? Yeah, just everything else, 100% total bullshit.

  6. chump is an OATH BREAKER and a zionist joo STOOGE!!!

    He has openly stated he would violate each and every single one of our Rights, and yet SOME of you p***ypants out there still champion him as “well, he’s doing better than the other guy/girl would do”.

    Feel free to determine WHICH flavor of tyranny and Rights violations YOU choose, but be forewarned. There are those who have had ENOUGH for a long time because WE have watched, CLOSELY, and WE will NOT stand, sit, cry/whine, curl up in a ball or shut the F up about just how much we’re going to give up THIS time, NEXT time or ANY other future F’g time.

    WE KNOW how this game WORKS, and it is by apathy and concession that they have gotten this far in the destruction of our Rights, the loss of OUR sovereignty, and the demoralization of our Nation due to the commie-kike infiltrators that have usurped US.

    THIS may be YOUR hope of how you can best envision what your freedoms should be, but you are WRONG.

    DEAD WRONG, and WE, the People, have had ENOUGH and will no longer sit idly by and let this continue just because this zionist PUPPET has YOUR dumba$$ naive little pea-brain duped.

    It may be good enough for YOU, you little pansy a$$ faggots, but it still takes US down the path to complete tyranny and YOU are complicit in cheering it on.

    Choke on it and swallow it, you pathetic little insignificant worms.

    YOU are pantifa, soros, obama, clinton(s), bush’s and ray-guns all wrapped up into one and every bit as useless to the preservation of our Bill of Rights in a downrange kind of way. FOAD

  7. Just who’s paying for they people to travel this far that don’t have a pot to piss in if it Soros trump haves to know this

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