12 thoughts on “If my son says he’s a cat, then he’s a cat

    1. Yes, good one.

      Also, Awareness can be raised to great heights when sick psychos such as yourselves are taken out behind the barn and dealt with!, “Humanely of course”…!

      Not so long ago, folks like this were Put in padded rooms with straight jackets…Ha….!

  1. Teach em the hemp rope swing, or hickory barn yard stomp they deliver TWO SAWED OFF!!! WE ARE SICK OF YOU…;.

  2. I Just Got Arrested. I WENT to jail for about ten hours.. Please let me start from the beginning. thank you. I WAS driving on a road near my house I was a mile away and a cop comes up on my ass with no lights on … I live in the county Throws his lights on Sirens pull over , I just kept driving the speed limit brake lights blinkers all in order. Drove to my home and parked, REMMEBER I WAS ABOUT A MILE AWAY FROM HOME….COP PULLS UP IN A FCKG HURRY JUMPS OUT THE CAR AN SAYS PUT YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR!!!! this is true also HE SAID YOUR HAVE YOUR MIRANDA RIGHTS AND WHEN HE STARTED READING I KEPT INTURPTING WITH THE BILL OF RIGHTS tHE fCK BITCH TACKLED INTO MY OWN GRAVEL DRIVEWAY i TOLD HIM NUMEROUS TIMES HE WAS HURTING AND STOPP!!! He had taser and a gun … I HAD NOTHING I AM SIXTY AND I GOT HURT SEVERLY AND MY WIFE kIDS AND MY GRANKIDS AND MY NEIGHBORS ALL SAW THE POLICE AT MY HOME BRUTALIZING ME!!! NO COULDNT TALK HE’S JUST READY TO BUST. SO THE FAG PUT PUSHED DOWN AND SAID I WAS RESISTING …. ANGRY NOW I KNOW MY RIGHTS!! AND YOU ARE VIOLATING THEM AND MY ARM GOT MANGLED!! Always resist the enemy Qui Chang Cain

  3. He said i was driving irradic . said suspicion of dui when i got home safely he said i was eluding him for 2 1/2 miles. total lie maybe a mile. an proceeded to escalate the situation to where he was taking me into custody. When I refused to cooperate he tackled me to the ground and had his foot on my arm in gravel. My wife and I just lost our daughter of 36 years!! this ass clown took me to the ground and was unwilling to talk!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. You “refused to cooperate,” so he slams you. Hey Ken, at least you weren’t a sheep in this and fought by showing you can’t be pushed around.

      Sorry this came to you, especially at such a time. Strength to you and your wife.


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