8 thoughts on “If the Bill is Passed, Gun owners will Have 30 days to get the Insurance

  1. Completely unconstitutional. Easier for the politician\banker mafia to steal
    your 401k, cash, gold, silver, daughter, little sons. This congress critter
    ought to be brought up on crimes against the Constitution.

  2. Unfortunately, I do not think it can be challenged until after the first are arrested and lost everything trying to defend them selves in the fraudulent for profit court system.

  3. My Fellow Patriots:

    There is only one outcome to all of this.

    Get ready.

    JD – US Marines – We are months, days,… maybe just some multiple of hours away from physical confrontation.

  4. i thought a gun *was* the insurance!

    on a more serious note,
    why does it look like they are just trying to provoke people?
    all these small-ish but constant laws.
    it just reminds me of some drunk constantly shoving someone and saying “come on then – come on – let’s have it then!”

  5. If we refuse to insure our firearms, why not refuse to insure our cars, lives, health and homes. Kick the Jews where it hurts the most, in their wallets.

  6. Perhaps that was the plan all along – stage a few incidents involving guns, and then introduce laws so that the bankers can make more money from selling you insurance.

  7. Since when are gun rights a “privilege?” They aren’t a privilege they are an
    inalienable human right. Meaning a right granted by Yahweh (God thats his name) not by man and one you cant take away. Not a privilege that someone can take away. ALL gun control is unconstitutional.

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