Illegal aliens in school buses arrive at NC Wal-Mart

Published on Jul 14, 2014 by ALIPAC

Update 3pm Eastern!

Sean Brown at Mad World News is reporting that the lady that filmed this is Sylvia Locklear.….

Sylvia Locklear posted the video originally to her Faceboook account.

This video was recorded in the parking lot of the Walmart in Concord, NC which is in Cabarrus County County.

She says that the illegal immigrants were all using government issue debit cards to make their purchases in line at Walmart.

Not only could they barely speak English, but one of them had said they had just arrived in America.

The Concord Police department is not returning calls on this matter and we have not heard from the Sheriff yet.

William Gheen

Original description

We are still trying to locate the source of this video so we can tell everyone exactly where this footage took place of what appears to be Obama’s new surge of illegal aliens using school buses, and getting on and off of the buses in a Walmart parking lot somewhere in North Carolina!

The lady filming says these illegal aliens are being housed in China Grove, NC. All patriots near China Grove, NC, please help us locate where they are being housed!

The site of this human smuggling operation going down in broad daylight in a NC town apparently had a big impact on those who witnessed it.

Please help us warn America about the new Obama inspired illegal alien invasion of our American homeland because the next wave that is on the way now will be several factors larger than what we are already seeing!

To join the fight against immigration reform amnesty and against illegal immigration, please visit and join our email alerts at..

7 thoughts on “Illegal aliens in school buses arrive at NC Wal-Mart

  1. Hey, those must be all of the Illegal immigrant “MINORS” riding the school bus. I can see they look well under 17 years of age 🙄


  2. I saw them 2 weeks ago getting off the buses in Kannapolis, NC – I also posted a picture of them on my facebook account – only to be told that they were from the local ASS!!!! Keep drinking the kool aid if you want to believe that they are from a local farm!!!

    1. Embrace “diversity,”and welcome these lovely “children”with open arms.Welcome to New Amerika,the cesspool,where rule of law only applies to those who are citizens.Non-citizens,you get a free pass.What a great country!

  3. My girlfriend and I were at the Kannapolis Walmart two weeks ago and witnessed the same thing.The school bus was full of (surprise,no children!) men.Pinocchiobama’s narrative of them as “children’ is pure bullshit.I hope to live to see the day this rat bastard quisling is donning an orange jumpsuit and shackles.

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