Illegal Immigrants Make Their Demands

Advocates for illegal immigrants are gearing up to push their cause in the 2012 elections.  Congressman Luis Gutierrez, a Democrat from Illinois, is on a 20 city immigration tour designed to put pressure on perspective candidates to procure their promise to pass “The Dream Act” if elected. 

This man is on the United States federal payroll, which is to say we the people, et. al. are going to pay for this man to travel around our country and push the cause of people from another country.  And as these people have broken our laws and crossed our borders illegally, he is in fact aiding and abetting criminals who are causing harm to every legal citizen in our country.  This man freely states that he represents illegals.   I say the only way he can support illegals is at the expense of the rest of us. 

How did we ever reach the point that blatant treason is not only condoned but encouraged?  How would it be if a gentleman with a Russian accent got himself elected by Russian immigrants in an area they had taken over and then came on our television and started pushing for a communist manifesto to replace our Constitution?  This is political correctness gone amuck. 

Armed insurgents from Mexico are crossing our borders every day and our government is calling them immigrants.  Well I guess the Nazis were just immigrating into France and Poland during World War II. 

I have a message for Luis Gutierrez and Barack Obama.  The American patriot community is going to cancel the Latino vote in the 2012 elections.  And after we have elected a real president we are going to enforce our laws and every fraudulent act allowing the illegal invasion of our country is going to be nullified. 

Every person who came here illegally is going to be deported and you Luis, are going to be tried for treason.  And after you are through serving your sentence in one of our prisons, you are going to be deported.  How dare you.  Your arrogance is unbearable. 

God save us from the army invading from the south.

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  1. Just who are these illegal aliens to DEMAND anything in this country? Yes, who? The American people have had enough with these illegal aliens and it’s time they get back to their own country and make their DEMANDS there where they have every right to DEMAND anything they want. And when they get the hell out of this country, don’t forget to take all your anchor babies that the American people paid for. We don’t want them either!

    As for this Luis Gutierrez, he was born an @ss hole and he’s still an @ss hole!

    1. Don’t you just love the smug arrogant face of this insect’s mug? Congressman Luis Gutierrez looks just like the smug cockroach he is!
      I hope he goes skydiving in Perris California and soon! In tandem with Sen. Gil Cedillo!

  2. The above article is correct. Luis Gutierrez is indeed a traitor, yet he continues to be elected. I’m sure his constituients are Latinos who care nothing that they are replacing Americans in all phases of labor. Our own government aids and abets their criminal acts. The businesses who hire them think they won’t be found out, but if they are, they pay big fines. Looks like it would be simpler to hire legal citizens in the first place. I’ve lived a long time and think about the way people worked together for the good of our country. Now, the traitors are out for themselves and the bottom line. They don’t care about their fellow man. They must not care about their grandchildren either and they world they will inherit. We are importing millions of third world inhabitants, we have millions of illegals sneaking in daily, we have work visas that are handed out to foreigners while Americans go without work. Washingon is doing everything in its power to turn this once-proud nation into the next third world whose people will act as slaves and vote the way they are told.

  3. Who or what is electing this American hater who works exclusively for Mexico while receiving
    his salary and pension from American taxpayers?

    1. He is re-elected by the same people who re-elected Harry Reid (promised amnesty) in Nevada, and Raul Grijalva (boycott Arizona) in Arizona.

      When the Latino population in the U.S. reaches 30% (5-10 years away), its over. They don’t need a majority to swing elections. They have business and suicidal liberals to vote with them. There will be no going back.

  4. It’s funny but all the traitorous American political leaders will then find out how they outsmarted themselves by being voted out and replaced by stinking ugly foreigners!
    And the U.S. will turn into a cesspool just like Mexico!

  5. the prez ( i call him the fool on the hill) has made his preferences clear today by holding a meeting with all the wingnuts in favor of ” comprehensive immigration reform”
    20 in all and not a person that favors the enforcement of the present laws was apparently not invitited or in attendance.
    on sarah palin is telling the residents in wisconsin that walker saved their job
    s. ya buddy. we all know that he could have got the same deal without destroying the union but thats what he wanted but so far the law is on hold by a judge that apprently knows the law better than the walker adm. 4 of the 8 that supported the law are the subject of recalls

    youre right tho, we ll get out the vote and stand up and dig our heels in for whats right
    here in az theyre crying in their beer wanting jobs after theyve gone to school and are still
    illegal so they cant work o darn !!!
    i am glad to have found your website


    New Jersey man jailed for racist threats to Latino groups,0,5370541.story

    Obbopp at 8:50 AM April 20, 2011
    “There’s class warfare, all right, Mr. (Warren) Buffett said, but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.”
    The ongoing invasion of the USA by multi-millions of illegal alien invaders is a part of class warfae and thus either condoned, encouraged, accepted or only VERY marginally “fought against” to disguise the elite class, much of corporate USA and their lackey minions, cohorts etc activities that are so harmful to the vast majority of USA citizens.
    Divide and conquer.
    Defy the elite class and they WILL us any tactic they deem needed or useful to curtail We, the People.
    Economic punishment (fines, etc.) imprisonment… even MURDER!!!!!!!!!!
    View USA history for a multitude of examples wherein the elites and their cohorts have used their self-created bureaucracies to control We, the People.
    OBEY the master ruling class.
    You are nothing but a vile, filth commoner.
    OBEY or else.
    Vincent Johnson is being used to send a warning message.
    I would write more BUT….. that could place me in severe danger.
    From attending a Brown Beret meeting in 1971 to 9-plus years of intense research in the 1990s and 2000s I discovered a MULTITUDE of prosecutable events, tactics, etc. by various pro-illegal alien invader organizations with NARY any impediments.

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