BP, TEPCO, and We the People

It has been one year since the deepwater Horizon oil rig, owned by British Petroleum, exploded and began pumping oil into the Gulf of Mexico.  And contrary to the propaganda it has in no way been cleaned up.  The people in the Gulf States are still suffering not only from the effects of the tar that continues to wash ashore, but also from the dispersants that were sprayed in the ocean in spite of the fact that the EPA said they were deadly chemicals and should not be used.

BP is currently in the process of trying to deny claims for damage from all 50 states as this disaster did in fact affect our whole country.  And in the long term it has yet to be seen exactly what the totality of the negative effects will be. 

These unconscionable acts perpetrated upon the American people by this foreign owned company have been literally swept under the carpet, showing once again the power of the corporate owned media. 

And now, in another foreign country Japan, we have a nuclear disaster of never before seen proportions.  We know that radioactive material is not only making it to our shores but is in fact being dispersed across our land.  And in this case TEPCO is not even being brought to account for the damages their negligent actions are causing to our people. 

It does seem amazing to think that something like the BP disaster could simply removed from reality.  How much more unbelievable to think a multi-core meltdown which is releasing radiation from a power plant in amounts never seen before could be demeaned and minimized to the point that there is minimal reporting on the incident. 

During the BP spill the oil gushing into the ocean could not be denied as it was omnipresent.  And does everyone remember the detailed pictures?  In reference to natural deterioration the BP spill, as bad as it was and is, must be considered a mere inconvenience in comparison. 

I think the people of the United States had better consider the current state of affairs long and hard before jumping on the band wagon for further deregulation of industry.  The way our country is being run at present I would be surprised if our government didn’t funnel some kind of stimulus money to BP and TEPCO to pay for bonuses for their CEOs.

Wake up America and smell the coffee.  Oh, and you might want to check it with a Geiger counter first if you added cream.

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