Illegals demand Obama issue mass pardons, last-ditch effort to stop Trump deportations

Washington Times – by Stephen Dinan

Illegal immigrants are preparing to ask President Obama to pardon some 750,000 illegal immigrant Dreamers, saying it’s their last, best hope to stave off what they fear will be a wave of deportations once Donald Trump takes office.

Community leaders have planned a rally in New York on Wednesday to make the request.  

“Millions of law abiding undocumented immigrants are fearful of what will happen when the new Administration takes control in January,” the group said in a statement announcing the rally. “However, President Obama has the power of pardons that he can use to protect all DACA enrollees.”

As of September, more than 740,000 illegal immigrants had been approved for Mr. Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, a mini-amnesty that grants young adult illegal immigrants a two-year stay of deportation and issues them work permits, entitling them to driver’s licenses and some taxpayer benefits.

President-elect Donald Trump has signaled he would cancel that order, putting Mr. Obama in a bind. The president said this week that Mr. Trump should go slowly on rolling back those actions.

But the advocates want more assurances, in the form of a pardon.

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4 thoughts on “Illegals demand Obama issue mass pardons, last-ditch effort to stop Trump deportations

  1. Here is my scenario guess- Obama pardons the illegals, then Trump is off the hook for not deporting them, after all, theres no one to deport.

    1. Not to worry, Katie, as law cannot be skirted. If Obama pardoned every one of them the day before he went out of office, he can only pardon them for crimes committed, and he cannot grant them citizenship, at least according to that 5th Circuit Court injunction. Therefore, the day after he pardons them, they are once again foreign nationals inside our borders without visas, hence any legal authority to be here. It is a felony on the day after the pardon and every day thereafter.
      He can’t change the law and he has no authority to grant citizenship. And if he or anybody else, including the Congress and Judicial, claims such a power, it is an act of insurrection as it is in absolute reality, a seizure of property from each and every individual American national without the due process of the law, required in the common law, which is our unalienable, unchangeable and absolute Bill of Rights.

      1. Henry, thanks for the law lesson. I’ll print this up and put it with my law notes.

        So Trump can still be held to his campaign promise.

  2. Bahahahahahahaha!!!! ROLMFAO!!

    Demand Obama issue millions of pardons? As if he’s the king.

    “Hear ye, hear ye! I shall pardon all illegals in the land.”

    What a joke.

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