Illinois: Shooting in Town of Manchester Leaves Five Dead and One Injured

Illinois police officer (Reuters)IB Times – by GIANLUCA MEZZOFIORE

Five people have been killed and one injured in a shooting in the Illinois town of Manchester, according to local reports.

The suspect is reportedly in custody after a police hunt and a child has been taken to a hospital in Springfield, Illinois, with injuries resulting from gunshot, WLDS radio and Fox News reported.  

The shooting took place inside a public housing complex, according to News Channel 5, and several schools are now on lockdown in North Green, Winchester and Jacksonville.

The incident has been confirmed by Illinois state police and the mayor of Manchester, a town which is located 85 miles north of St. Louis.

“This is a nice little town and I have no problems with anybody. What took place, I cannot tell you,” the mayor of Manchester, Ron Drake, said.


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5 thoughts on “Illinois: Shooting in Town of Manchester Leaves Five Dead and One Injured

  1. I live in Illinois and WGN radio in Chicago reported the suspect was killed following the usual “shootout” with police. Due process? Innocent until proven guilty? Why bother. Now we have police acting as indicter, judge, jury, convictor and executioner. Gosh…ain’t freedom great?

  2. Hey, how are those gun banning laws and gun free zones working out for ya, Illinois? I thought you said that if we stop people from buying guns, we stop violent crimes?

    Hmmmm…..I don’t know….Call me crazy, but doesn’t this story contradict that idea and prove otherwise? (sarcasm)

    Maybe they should walk on over to Wisconsin. I hear things are a lot safer over there.

  3. Public Housing? Isn’t that like the “Projects”? I assume that gangbangers & drug dealers are exempt from gun grabber’s dictates. Sounds to me like there is no ammo shortage in the Projects!

  4. Hey NC, just because I live in Illinois does NOT mean I agree with every half-cocked idea the state legislature comes up with. And just fyi you oughtta see all the hand wringing and posturing they’re doing now that a Federal Appeals Judge gave ’em ’til June to come up with a concealed-carry law here. It’s kinda like the Three Stooges meets the Keystone Kops. Once it passes we will join the rest of you.

    1. Hey Scott, sorry if it sounded like I offended you in some way. I was actually referring to the article and not your comment. Good to hear about what your state is doing. Good luck with that as I know it won’t be an easy battle, but keep at it. We will prevail in the end.

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