2 thoughts on ““I’m A United States Senator”

    1. First thing that came to mind as well, EotS. One of my absolute favorite movies… Ned Beatty told the unvarnished truth in it…

      “Senator Charles F. Meachum: You got any plans after this? You have a rather unique skill set. I’d be interested in offering you a job.

      Bob Lee Swagger: Work? For you?

      Senator Charles F. Meachum: It’s not really as bad as it seems. It’s all gonna be done in any case. You might as well be on the side that gets you well paid for your efforts.

      Nick Memphis: And what side are you on?

      Senator Charles F. Meachum: There are no sides. There’s no Sunnis and Shiites. There’s no Democrats and Republicans. There’s only HAVES and HAVE-NOTS.”


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