7 thoughts on ““I’m tired of this separation of church and state junk.”

  1. Gross!! I had to look her up. Full-on Trumper. And here she gives false history as she pushes one more variety of tyranny. Virtue signaling with a smile, forcing her “morality” that would have people release their own thinking, their own freedom, and think just like she does. Gross!!


    1. Her words: “There are two nations in this world that were made to glorify God almighty: Israel and the United States of America. I don’t care what it looks like right now, the United States of America and the people here will glorify God.”


    2. Yeah, she’s supposedly pro-gun, but I do not know to what extent since her hero went after bump stocks. Oh, and I forgot to mention she worships at the alter of Q. What a wonderful blessing for our country. NOT!!


    3. I don’t know who this arrogant nobody is and I could really care less as that “piece of paper” she mentions happens to be the absolute only written ratified law and unalienable.
      I tell her right to her face to shove THE church right up her ass. She better realize there can’t be THE church and the words she spoke were treason. Just let THE church try to enforce some piss ant moron’s interpretation of a book on theology to rule me and they will just plain f-king die.
      There is separation of church and state absolutely to the point of free thought.
      Like I said, come on arrogant c-t, let’s see you and your Bible thumpers back your f-king mouth.
      The church has no power over the individual and can have no relations with the government this way or that.
      So get your ignorant voting ass on in here in the jungle and we’ll see what difference your wealth makes, arrogant c-t.

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