In a World Filled with More Liars than Ever, Donald J. Trumps Them All!

The Great Recession

Hillary was a liar and a crook. By all appearances her campaign paid for and instigated the Great Lie against Donald J. Trump. Her campaign’s fabricated documents cast an intentional shadow over his entire term, pegging him falsely as someone who collaborated with “the Russians.” We don’t know how much she knew about the document her campaign paid for, but certainly the evidence points to her knowing it all. Her lie damaged the American Republic because it created years of chaos and distrust, exactly as it was intended to do according to the head of the CIA.

As for the guilt Team Clinton hung on Trump, Special Counsel Robert Miller spent tens of millions of dollars investigating the matter and employed the best intelligence-gathering organizations at his full disposal (motivated toward protecting themselves from Trump’s constant claims against them); yet, Mueller couldn’t find a shred of evidence to implicate Trump or his team on the issue of working with Russians for the Trump campaign. All Mueller could prove was that some of Trump’s team lied to the investigators because they knew the whole investigation was a witch hunt, so Mueller was able to put those perjurers in jail or prison. He also said Trump might be guilty of obstruction of justice for how he directed others not to cooperate with the investigation and how he fired people like Comey.

FBI Chief James Comey was a smug, self-righteous liar and a leaker. He knowingly approved use of the Hillary case files (a.k.a the aforementioned Steele Dossier) against Donald J. Trump in order to get a warrant to eavesdrop on the presidential candidate and on everyone associated with Trump’s campaign.

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