In Defense of Dr. Wakefield’s 1998 Paper on the Link between Vaccines and Autism

Posted as a comment from Kathleen on New Published Study Verifies Andrew Wakefield’s Research on Autism – Again

What is really frustrating is the recent hysteria being promoted by the hate-bandwagon bullies (from Salon and AlterNet) who are coming out in droves against Jenny McCarthy’s recent hire by a television talk show. Calling her views “dangerous” and “anti-science” with “deadly consequences” etc. and how she cites “a now withdrawn and scientifically disproved paper that claimed there was a link between vaccines and autism,” referring to the 1998 paper from Dr Wakefield.  

None of their claims can be backed up with one single scientific source, except from industry funded research, which cannot be counted as ‘science’ due to it’s inherent conflict of interest. Simply put, when there is a vested interest in the results of research it is not trustworthy or even ‘science.’ (

But it is amazing how the basis for their campaign against advocates for safer vaccines, is based on these 3 simple lies about Dr Wakefield that first originated from a Rupert Murdoch publication, and are still circulating throughout most the world’s media without any attempts from anyone to correct them:

What the public is most unaware of in this Wakefield/vaccines/autism controversy is that nowhere can anyone find in that 1998 paper one single statement about vaccines and autism, except in the conclusion where Dr Wakefield clearly states that there was NO CAUSAL LINK FOUND between vaccines and autism!! So how can that 1998 paper be guilty of “fabricating a link between vaccines and autism” if its conclusion states the exact opposite of what it is accused of trying to fabricate?!

In that 1998 paper, Dr Wakefield also made the suggestion for further investigation into a “possible” link between vaccines and autism, mainly because the parents of the studied children were insisting vaccines caused the autism. Dr Wakefield was literally told to retract that suggestion and his refusal to do so, on grounds that it is unscientific to retract a statement about a possibility, led to the subsequent trial which resulted in the removal of his license to practice his profession.

The longest running GMC trial could not validate any charges to justify their removal of Dr Wakefield’s license, so they resorted to charge of an ethics violation but not against any of the ethics of 1998, but rather against ethics of a later period, which did not exist until well after 1998, well after Dr Wakefield’s paper was already published!! (Imagine that! Being busted for breaking a law that did not come to exist until well after you already “broke” it. The profit-prison industry must be salivating at the possibilities…)

In short, Dr Wakefield had his license removed for daring to suggest further investigation into what he was careful to call a “possible link” between vaccines and autism. And yet the public is still being told that Dr Wakefield’s 1998 paper was an “attempt to falsify a link between vaccines and autism” and was “thoroughly discredited” even though, to anyone who bothers to actually read that 1998 paper or the GMC court transcript, it is plainly obvious that these are outright lies.

This hate-bandwagon of hysteria and industry propaganda against Dr Wakefield, and all advocates for safer vaccines, must come to an end. But with all the profits there are from vaccine sales (was it $35 billion just in 2012 alone?), the truth about vaccines and autism is having one hell of a time trying to prevail over some ugly Rupert Murdoch lies about Dr Wakefield.

Interesting that the senior author of Dr Wakefield’s 1998 paper was exonerated of all charges of misconduct: (7 March 2012) -and- (3 June 2010)

…and Rupert Murdoch? : (and-

Here’s a recent report from the Wall Street Journal (12 July 2013) Autism Epidemic Linked to Epidemic of Vaccine Induced Diabetes (13 Dec 2012) (16 July 2012)

And if vaccines are so “safe,” then why did the U.S Supreme Court officially refer to vaccines as “unavoidably unsafe” in Bruesewitz v. Wyeth, No. 09-152, a decision which also granted the entire vaccine industry immunity from ALL liability in cases of injury and death? -source: (24 June 2013) -and if you wouldn’t refer to advocates for safer cars as “anti-car,” then why would you refer to advocates for safer vaccines as “anti-vaccine”?

Lastly, if autism really is “a genetic disease” and the exploding rates of autism are really due to “better diagnostic methods,” then WHERE are those same high rates of autism in older generations, and what were they misdiagnosed as? Besides, to anyone who views this 7 minute video illustrating the average day to day experience of living with autism, it becomes painfully obvious that “better diagnostic methods” do not explain how previous generations of parents of autistic children could’ve missed something was wrong with their child: (Broken Nights and Lost Days: Inside World of Severe Autism)

One thought on “In Defense of Dr. Wakefield’s 1998 Paper on the Link between Vaccines and Autism

  1. Thank you, Kathleen, for this excellent post, debunking attacks by supposed alternative news such as Salon and Alternet, on the history leading to multiple evidentiary conclusions on the harms of vaccines (specifically in this case MMR), and thank you, Henry, for bringing this to FTT’s front page.

    This is one of the most important issues on which to awaken the sleepers of your family and friends, to save the children, to save humanity’s future. The incidence of autism (due to so-called vaccinations, based on the conclusions of multiple, multiple valid studies) is now 1 in 25. There is no time to waste.

    The video in the originally posted article ( is talking about epigenetics – what is produced by environmental influences to which we are exposed, e.g., GMO food, and criminal actions in the form of vaccinations used against children – and how the environmental epigenetic activation and de-activation of human biological processes results in diseases which rob us and our families of our health and our descendant genetic future.

    This is one issue to which everyone needs to awaken. It is a do or die scenario, no less than that.

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