8 thoughts on “In the words of: Ben Griffin

    1. I quit participating in their military lie in October of 2006. It is liberating. I am still a soldier, just not for them. I am a soldier for America and the Bill of Rights! 🙂

      1. But think of the skills you got! What price can you put on those? That’s the potential difference in your future survival and being dog meat. Besides, when you joined I’m willing to bet your heart was in the right place – and that’s what counts. From what I can tell Bulldog, you’re a good ‘un, and we need more of ya.

        1. Yes when I joined it was for what I thought were the right reasons. They trained me well and I executed the job well. I like to think I am a good ‘un. I haven’t heard that (good un)since my hillbilly days in southern Missouri.
          Once you wake up it is different though. Sometimes my wife and I wish we could have chosen the blue pill but in reality I wouldn’t have it any other way.
          I hope and pray that I can make a difference when it starts. That is my job, to make them pay for what they have done and never let it get to this point again.

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