2 thoughts on “INSANE. Tow truck driver tries stealing a car with people in it in broad daylight at a red light. Welcome to San Francisco.

  1. How much more nuts can it get!!? They have chiseled away at the minds of people with mood-altering drugs and with brainwashing-programming. With perversion and intrusion. It was a global attack on critical thinking, and now we are reaping the consequences.

    Humans are naturally thinkers and innovators. If you protected your mind, you have protected the essence of life itself. Take a bow.


    1. What is happening today gets me to thinking about the same criminal network a generation or two ago, that purged a large portion of the human population of its creative, intelligent, inventive class, leaving mainly the lowest common denominator to pick up where the world left off before the Bolshevik Revolution and all the wars that were spawned through the establishment of the Bank of England, Federal Reserve and the mega-banks that have taken over the global economy since. It seems like we are witnessing the most effective brainwashing, prgramming, perversion and intrusion money has ever bought. Not to mention what that death shot may have done to contribute to the break-down of the mind and the brain. When history repeating itself is worse than a bad broken record and everyone seems stuck in the groove and they won’t bother even trying to get out.

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