6 thoughts on “Iowa DOT I-35 Crash Raw Footage 02/05/2018

  1. I wasn’t there. I don’t know the treated / untreated conditions of the road…..including any sudden change in the precipitation and temperature…frozen wipers etc. BUT as a general rule in such hazardous driving conditions you’ve gotta slow the f down!

  2. It only takes one idiot, and you have a 4 to 5 hour back up. Conditions like this, especially near the Great Lakes are twice to three times as bad do to The “Lake Effect” makes things considerable worse.

    People texting on their cell phones, they look up, slam on the brakes…….

    Semis too, lot of idiots out there.

  3. Driving on ice is real easy…. until you have to stop or turn.

    The smartest of that bunch steered themselves completely off the road, probably knowing that one idiot after another would be slamming into the pile.

    I drive so slowly on the ice that the school bus hates getting stuck behind me. They stop to drop off kids and still leave me in the dust, but I’m not going into anymore ditches.

  4. Everyone out here (where it rarely snows and ices, but when it does….) needs to watch this video! Good grief when something like this happened back in 1992 I swear to YouKnowWho folks just had no clue about driving in these conditions (since I grew up in NY, I did!) and there were accidents everywhere! If something like the video happened out here there would be dead bodies everywhere, but for one thing…far west rural Texas doesn’t have a whole lot of traffic (unless we’re talking I-10)

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