Iran becomes Nuclear Self-Sufficient

Iran has become nuclear self sufficient.  It is reported that Iranians have mined their own ore and are now capable of all the stages of processing, raising tensions in the Middle East.  Apparently the materials they have produced do not violate international law, which only prohibits the import of raw and processed materials.

Israel is renewing threats of a U.S./Israeli attack on Iranian nuclear facilities.  Israel is insisting that the materials will be used to manufacture nuclear weapons.  Officials in Tehran vehemently deny the accusations.

Israel at present possesses two hundred nuclear weapons which were developed in secret and in violation of international law.  However Israel has neither confirmed nor denied that they possess nuclear weapons and to date there has been no push to have U.N. inspectors determine the truth.  Also Israel ,along with Pakistan and India refuse to sign on to the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty.

Israel is at present calling on the United Nations to demand that Iran dismantle all of its nuclear facilities or face a U.N. sanctioned attack designed to destroy said facilities.

Iran is lead by a fanatical religious government, as is Israel.  If Iran acquires full nuclear capabilities it will create a doomsday scenario, as both countries seem determined to destroy one another.  The United States is a staunch ally of the nation of Israel though many skeptics pose the question, why.

The United States was founded as a Christian nation and Christianity finds its roots in Judaism, though until recently, the two groups were in bitter opposition, basically for the same reason that the Jews and the Muslims are currently in opposition.  The orthodox Jew does not accept the premises that Jesus is the Messiah nor Mohamed the Profit of God.  In fact in Israel today, it is against the law to preach Christianity in public.

So again why does the Christian nation of the United States choose to so vehemently defend the nation of Israel?  There is in America a very powerful Jewish population which advocates strongly for Israel in American politics.  The Jews in America also have the Anti-Defamation League which operates in the world of cloaks and daggers to attack anyone who speaks out against Israel or policies advocating Israeli domination in the Middle East.

Among the people of America, sentiments toward Israel are divided.  Some denounce Israel as the banking controllers of the United States government. (The Kosher Mafia)  Others support Israel wholeheartedly.

Setting aside the right or wrong of Israel or Iran in their beliefs, the fate of the rest of the world hangs in the balance.  I guess the question is does any sect have the right to destroy the world in the name of religion.

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