Iraq vet arrested on terrorism charges after jogging with training rifle

RT News  A US veteran is facing charges of terrorism after being arrested for trying to get some exercise. That’s William Alemar’s story, at least, who was detained this week after jogging in full military fatigues in public while carrying a training rifle.

Authorities have charged 23-year-old Army National Guardsman and Iraq war veteran William Everett Alemar with “committing a terroristic act and wearing body armor while committing a felony offense.” He was arrested on the morning of August 20 after officers responded to calls of an armed man running along a road adjacent to a Martinsburg, West Virginia high school.

When the cops found Alemar three minutes later, he was wearing his full National Guard get-up and was brandishing an air-soft “training rifle,” a gun that while similar to his actual weapon only fires pellets, not bullets. He was also garbed in a ballistic vest composed of bullet-resistant ceramic panels and was equipped with two knives and several unloaded magazines, the Herald-Mail reports.

“The primary concern for the police department was that subject’s proximity to the area schools — Martinsburg High School, South Middle — when he was first located off Bulldog Boulevard,” Martinsburg Police Lt. George Swartwood says to reporters.

After spotting Alemar, authorities ordered him to the ground and then seized the weapons. He was initially held on $50,000 cash bond.

For the family of the vet, it seems a bit too much.

“He’s not a terrorist; he’s not a bad kid,” the suspect’s father, Stephen Alemar, tells The Herald-Mail.

A Facebook group, “Support William Alemar,” has been started to help the veteran as he prepares to fight his charges. Several of the users who have joined the group have made comparisons between Alemar and Brandon Raub, a retired US Marine from Virginia man who was recently detained for one week after he posted messages on his own social networking profile that raised the eyebrows of authorities.

“The idea of a Constitution free zone is bunk, and we would like to support this American Patriot as was Brandon Raub supported in his time of trouble,” the creator of the ‘Support William Alemar’ page writes. “The idea you can be labeled a ‘terrorist’ simply by carrying a training rifle, ammo, and knives is once again, an overblown reaction by our government. Unless further hitherto unknown facts are released, it seems we should unite with this American hero, who is NOT a terrorists but a citizen of the republic!”

35 thoughts on “Iraq vet arrested on terrorism charges after jogging with training rifle

  1. What nonsense. When I was in the National Guard I use to jog all the time with a phony rifle. You can get them on line and I think even in some stores. You can generally tell that they are phoney because they will be a light blue, maroon, or some other color. The one that I carried was maroon and looked like a shot gun. I was rucking with it one time and somebody called the police. from about a quarter of a mile a way the police could tell that the weapon wasn’t real. I use to carry it when I had my ruck sack, and I would also go to Marseilles Illinois with it and train for combat on my own. I would stay the night at the National Guard base at Marseilles. I would stay out in the woods.

  2. HAHAHA OMG! This arrest is ridiculous. These cops really are pathetic, power hungry, douchebags.

    “LOOK! He’s wearing military fatigue and carrying a gun and not pointing it at anyone while jogging peacefully in public and not bothering anyone. He MUST be a terrorist. I mean that just doesn’t look right and anything out of the ordinary means he’s a terrorist and we should arrest him, right? Right?” says one dumb policeman to another.

    The other says, “Gee, boss, I think you’re right. Let’s go get him and then grab a donut afterwards. I’m getting the urge for a krispy kreme.”

    1. It is just another attempt to frighten us. How would it have been if upon hearing about this bull, a couple of hundred of this man’s neighbors bought air rifles and jogged down the same path in a display of defiance? They are not going to stop this crap until we slap them down.


    Would that it be that this was the WORST kind of ‘terrorist’ we have to worry about.

  4. As a vet I have to say this is a non-story.

    This vet sounds like an idiot to me. If you are jogging with anything that looks like a weapon near a school, a cop is well within reasonable limits of power to stop and ask you what you are up to. If you are carrying knives, you are going to be detained. This has nothing to do with terrorism, its the way police would have functioned in the 1950’s the 1940’s or the 1900’s for that matter.

    I remember when I was a kid a tough looking punk was dumb enough to bring a machete to a street festival and the cops tackled him and confiscated the weapon. No different from this story.

    It is pure stupidity to tie tis story to the story of the marine who was detained for free speech. You are only undermining the legitimate of Brendan Raub by connecting him to this twit. Anyone jogging in the full battle gear in public is probably a gung-ho government thug who is so brainwashed into the corporate machine he can’t function without his rifle just like a kid can’t go without a blanket. Do you want citizens accustomed to seeing uniformed soldiers with guns on the street? If not, then you ought to think a little harder before you side with this loon.

    1. Yea, I agree it is a little awkward, but the point is we shouldn’t be afraid of people carrying guns to protect themselves. Look at the 1800’s in the Old West. People carried guns all the time and were safe. The point is that we have a Constitutional right under the 2nd Amendment to bear arms and even though carrying it around a school is suspicious in this day in age, it just goes to show you the amount of brainwashing that has been put over us in this country. This article can be seen as a controversial issue by some, but the point is that he was exercising his 2nd Amendment right and was not in any way doing harm to anyone. Yes, he could have, but arresting him before you have any proof of him going to do something or probable cause, then it is nothing more than pre-crime tactics that we all know are unconstitutional. Remember, our rights and Constitutional model tells us that everyone is, “innocent until proven guilty.” NOT “guilty until proven innocent.” He could have been watched by the cops from a distance or questioned or told to be careful or they could have advised him or even suggest to him to jog some place else, etc. But arresting him? Not really necessary at all.

      1. Haven’t you ever seen “Minority Report”, with Tom Cruise, NC?
        Now they know what you’re going to do before you actually do it. lol

        1. Exactly. They are just being faithful to Tom Cruise’s quote in the movie,

          “Just because you prevented it from happening, doesn’t change the fact that it was going to happen.”

          Now that is the biggest crock of baloney, I’ve heard in a long time. Haven’t they ever heard of thousands of unforeseen obstacles that may get in its way from happening or completing the act? Even fortune tellers and psychics aren’t right all the time. It’s not something that can be 100% reliable proof. EVER! Unless you are God. And we all know the police like to view themselves as such. Well, I say screw them. The only god they will model themselves after is the Devil himself and he ain’t no god nor will he ever be.

          1. Right, NC. looks like we’ll be sending them to meet him in person one of these days, once they declare martial law.

  5. This is the reason I tell my kids to not trust cops. I tell them that if they are in danger, find a fireman, or a 7-11 clerk. Cops are not the sharpest tacks in the box, and are usually dangerous people. It is a shame.

  6. I throw 40lbs in a pack, grab my .308 and go jogging in the woods at 2am a few times per week. Fire roads, game trails…not streets and especially not streets adjacent to schools in session.
    Cite him with a “public nuisance” low level misdemeanor and call it a day. Charging such as a terrorist act is what makes this egregious conduct by cops and district attorney. Reprimands all around.

    Now let’s go arrest some bankers, cpa’s, corporate types and of course politicians and other tax feeders. Congress either balances budget or everyone goes on strike.

    1. .308? Nice. It was highly recommended to me by an ex-military friend.
      It’s getting harder to find the semi-automatics though, at least here in CA.

      1. Get you one of them big serapes and go down south of the border. I hear the ATF is selling anything you want at roadside stands down there, fully auto AKs, ARs, .50 cal, and even hand grenades, you know, that shit we can’t get at Walmart.

        1. I’d love to, Henry. The problem is, they barely even look at you going into Mexico, but coming back, that’s a completely different story.

          TSA could take lessons from those guys!

          1. Yea, #1. When you go down to Mexico, you just say, “Yo quiero Taco Bell” and they will let you through. But on the way back you say, “I want two AK’s, a .50 Cal, and a 12 guage to go” and they will say, “Do you want any drugs with that?”.

          2. Just as long as they are govt. approved drugs, sold by govt. licensed dealers.

            Anyone else: Go Directly to Jail, Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200, ( or is it $100, it’s been a long time since I played that game ) lol

          3. #1, it’s $200, but these days I think they are up-ing the price to $400 due to hyperinflation. Damn them bankers!!! I knew I should have bought “Boardwalk Blvd” when I had the chance. Ugh!!!

          4. They look at you as an American going in, thus the big serape, and maybe grow a mustache. And of course coming back in, again with the serape and the mustache, they would not dare confront you. Even if they did, you can declare yourself a dreamer and under the full protection of Barack Obama.

        2. Are you kidding me, Henry. Just go to the Black Market. They got better deals than Walmart and the stuff there is made in the U.S.A. I personally like aisle 3 where they have a special on shotguns. Buy two get one illegal immigrant free. And if you go down aisle 5, they have custom made 9MM golden pistols and if you act now, the employees will teach you how to do the old ghetto, “Kill shot” technique on the shooting range for free! Now that’s a bargain!

          Disclaimer: NC does not advocate or encourage the use of guns to harm innocent lives nor does he feel the need for everyone to learn or advocate the “kill shot” technique. Any such accusations or indications of such made by others should not be taken seriously. As always, use your guns responsibly and keep them away from infants and young children and make sure you have the safety turned on unless it is a Glock. In which case, make sure it is not loaded. Thank you for your understanding.

  7. If you need to train, jog with a 2×4. Jogging with a training stock is just plain asking for trouble, and he should have been stopped from doing it.

    But…a $50,000 bond and multiple felony charges?

    It’s a matter of time before the media circus portrays the American soldier as a nutcase, and then justifies the importation of “U.N. peacekeeping troops” to keep us lost souls in line. A quick follow up will be the American police, conveniently replaced by foreign police powers. Hell, that’s how we stick it to foreign nations, why should we deserve different?

    Military personnel are truly screwed, as they have directly signed contract and publicly sworn oath to these international mobsters. They are contracted to the fraud. They are under military law, and therefore law of the state. But here’s the deal, like all state offers of contract, there is never full disclosure and the terms and living parties involved are incomplete. Under these provisions, all contract is null and void at outset. Since there is no social contract known as the constitution in effect, as the Federal government has refused to recognize it in principle, only in passing, it is void. The constitution has been violated by Federal more than a bathroom senator at an international airport.

    It’s high time to deny. Deny the very existence of government. Deny their authority to command anything, ever. All of their authority has ever been is buttons with a gun. The herd pays for it because the slaughterhouse on the hill hasn’t called in the next harvest.

    I see these guys desperately hiring lawyers, and their families paying all of their wealth and then further indebting themselves because the government sees an easy mark for extortion. Lawyers serve zero purpose for competent people. They are there to cover up truth and extract wealth, period. If there isn’t enough wealth, then they will tax your freedom in their prisons.

    Here you go…read it. It’s long, it’s complicated, and it’s the best conglomeration of it all I have found yet.

      1. It is in all actuality. So is a set of car keys, or a cellphone, or a fist in well trained hands. Anything is a weapon, including speech, which happens to be the greatest threat against these imbeciles.

        He should have painted his rifle pink with a ribbon and claimed he was on the Race From the Cure scheme.

        …good to hear from you #1.

        1. “He should have painted his rifle pink with a ribbon and claimed he was on the Race From the Cure scheme.”

          Hahaha! You’re awesome, Chewy.

      You can get these toy guns in replicas of the real thing, even the actual weight. They are a great training aid when used properly, (safety glasses). I like them because they clearly point out what parts of your body you are failing to conceal as these parts tend to sting when your opponent lets you have it.
      As for being by a school, when I was young we could bring our guns to school and either leave them in our vehicles or with one of the teachers so that we could go hunting right from school or customize our stocks in shop class.
      We cannot allow our guns to be demonized in any way.
      Every school shooter has been on a mind altering, doctor prescribed drug. They create a crisis, school shootings induced by the pharmaceutical companies, and offer a solution, taking my guns.
      We have lost baseball, as those playing baseball in the US are recruited from around the world. We have lost apple pie, as Sara Lee moved down to Mexico. And of course Chevrolet is now owned by the Canadians and Chinese. All we have left is our hot dogs and our guns.
      I think it is time to draw the line. Stop giving our children mind altering drugs and we won’t have to worry about a national guard soldier keeping himself in proper fighting shape by jogging past a school with a toy gun.

  8. Maybe someone should just ask this young soldier “What were you thinking, jogging in full combat gear near a school in town?” And then listen to the answer. It doesn’t sound like any harm was done, and likely no harm intended, just bad judgment.

    Or is that too sensible?

  9. Ken, you do realize that the poppy fields MUST be protected AT ALL COSTS!

    That goes for the Iraqi oil fields, too.

    Our ‘government’ must not displease their ‘Jew’ masters.

  10. This is in reply to mozebyc, ( probably one of those AshkeNAZI so-called ‘Jews’, judging by the screen name, it sounds ‘Jewish’ to me ) whose comment wasn’t posted.

    You can count yourself among those “goyishe kup” you’re referring to in your comment if you think you can lump those of us who post here can be counted among the rest of the sheeple in this country.

    Kick rocks, clown.

  11. Can someone explain what he was charged with? What was the “terrorist act” he was committing? Carrying an air-soft rifle? My neighbor’s 12 year old kid walks around with an air-soft rifle sometimes. He he a terrorist?

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