IRS Seizes Medical Records Of Millions Of Americans

Mr. Conservative – by Kristin Tate

Another IRS mess — JUST when we all thought it couldn’t get any worse!

The IRS has seized medical records of millions of unknowing Americans. A House panel is currently launching an investigation into this new scandal.

Apparently, IRS agents entered the buildings of insurance companies armed, and stole medical files of 60 million Americans. The government agents claimed they were entitled to the files and had a search warrant.

But they refused to show a search warrant…

Is it just me, or is this just really sketchy?

On Fox, TV host Neil Cavuto described IRS agents going into the insurance company buildings with “Soprano-like intensity.”

His guest, Judge Andrew Napolitano, said, “There are federal statues that protect medical records from being revealed or seized. The IRS has no lawful authority to examine them.”

The unconstitutional behavior of IRS bureaucrats must be stopped, and someone must be held accountable. This is all just getting more despicable by the day.

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3 thoughts on “IRS Seizes Medical Records Of Millions Of Americans

  1. Yep, and taxes are “voluntary” too. All this Orwellian doublethink newspeak makes anything they do okay under the law.

    By extension, when the doctors sticks their finger in your butt, they want to know. They appear to have closed that loop hole with crap-tax laws. They will get more brutal as the system becomes more insolvent.

    Here’s the deluxe treatment coming soon to a tax preparer near your 😉

    Twelve Monkeys | 1995

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