4 thoughts on “Is Being Dangerous A Virtue? Is Being Weak The New Brave? This Might Clear It Up

  1. Thanks for this. Hopefully one of these days someone who knows the TRUE MEANING of “turn the other cheek” (as spoken by Christ in various gospels) will explain to Christians who think it means let the govt. and evil forces oppress you when it means (as to the govt. and evil forces) the opposite… did Christ “turn the other cheek” when He overthrew the money changers at the temple in Jerusalem? I don’t think so! Did Christ “turn the other cheek” when he called the Pharisees “you are of your father, the devil”? And so on. Because I am getting sick and tired of Christians putting up with abuse by the wokesters, the govt., and the criminal psycho elites, because they won’t search for the truth as to the CONTEXT of “turn the other cheek”!

    1. Thank you for this , I couldn’t come up with what you posted , but could have used it ..my thought process had the same outcome though.. so true

  2. In so many ways Jordan displays a brilliant mind. But he always makes it to the front door but never enters the house. Does he not know that to fight the enemy, the enemy must be identified and named? I’ve seen him deny the charge that the Jewish Bankers are the top rung of the problem.

    C’mon, Jordan. Enter the house. Bravery will take on a whole new meaning.


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