7 thoughts on “Is it just me?

  1. Simple cell organisms tend to thrive in an enviroment where there is no natural enemy or consequences for its unfettered activities.

  2. More idiots are produced rather than reproduced.

    They’ve made it acceptable, and even fashionable for men to be stupid, to the point where many intelligent guys will pretend to be stupid to avoid having their masculinity questioned.

    “Only queers read books” is the common belief, and every heterosexual male on the TV is a moron, unless he works for the government or “law enforcement”.

    How many times have you heard one TV show or another repeating the “all men are stupid” mantra? It’s gotten to the point where men have taught themselves to be stupid to satisfy that powerful human need to “fit in”.

  3. Your “more idiots are produced than reproduced” statement is true…the true fallacy of the movie “Idiocracy” is the notion that only stupid people reproduce, which is nonsense…ah, predictive programming….You are a wise man, Jolly.

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