Is It Time to Nullify the ‘Federal Election Laws’ that Encourage Voter Fraud and Registers Illegal Aliens to Vote?

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The ruling political class in government has made it their mission in any way possible to subvert the election process. Many politicians love power and need coalitions of groups to go to to polls to stay in power no matter how unpopular they are.

To vote is a right to a citizen. When the country was founded. Land owners were the only people who could vote because they had a stake to make sure the right people were in office.  If a person wanted to participate in the elections. They had to own land to make sure the best person they placed in office had their interest in mind because people who owned property had much to gain and lose depending on who was in office. Now we have groups of people on welfare being illegal immigrants coming into the country who do not pay into the system or have any idea about our history or our culture. They have no stake to risk or lose anything because they are encouraged to vote themselves a pay raise at the tax payers expense when the dependency class outnumbers the wage earners at the ballot box.

These people are told to vote for them for a bigger piece of the Federal pie not knowing dependence of the system is slavery. They are selling the illusion of government handouts is the way to prosperity. The same lie they been told leaving the old country.

It is time to nullify the ‘Motor Voter’ and the lax voter registration laws that makes it possible for election fraud. How is easy is it to get an ineligible person registered to vote? Every time I go into a government office whether it is the DMV.  I am always asked if I am registered to vote. They ask me no proof of citizenship. They just enter my name and that is it.

Is this is how Chicago gets millions of people to rise up from their graves and vote democrat in every election?

How can they get over a 1000 people registered to vote living at one address that is an empty lot with no structure on the land?

It would not surprise me people inside these government offices who  register people to vote sign up bogus names on the voter roles with no verification these people do exist or actually alive.

This article posted in 2001 shows how Motor Voter Laws encourage Ballot Fraud stating:

It’s much easier to vote today if you are dead or don’t exist than it was before the “Motor Voter” law of 1993 was passed, critics contend. The law was designed to make it easier for people to vote by allowing them to register when they apply for a driver’s license.

But legal experts warn that it has vastly expanded the opportunities for ballot fraud.

Some eight million people have registered this way, but only about five percent of them usually bother to vote — leaving a considerable pool of names available to those bent on election mischief.

Most states don’t require photo IDs at polling booths — making it easier to vote in someone else’s name, either in person or by absentee ballot.

Experts single out San Francisco as having one of the worst voter-fraud records of any American city.-

California Secretary of State Bill Jones recently conducted a probe after the city’s acting elections director claimed that 3,600 votes cast in the 2000 election were unaccounted for — even though his predecessor had certified the vote as accurate.

Jones reviewed 21 randomly selected precincts and found an average discrepancy of nine percentage points between the number of ballots that individual precincts reported in last year’s election and the number the city reported.

In this November’s election, 240 uncounted ballots were found “jammed” in voting machines — and the Coast Guard discovered the tops of eight ballot boxes floating in San Francisco Bay.

Other cities and states have their problems as well. In St. Louis, the U.S. Postal Service says it can’t locate 28 percent of all registered voters.

the debate in the Illinois Legislature back in the 1990s when the Democrats tried to push for election law changes to make it easier to register to vote. The state reps had concerns as  a State Lawmaker said:

“The issue here isn’t that we need to change Illinois law right now because people are having a tremendous problem registering,” said Mike Lawrence, Edgar’s spokesman. “The issue is do we want to rush through change to dump the safeguards against election fraud in a state that has achieved worldwide fame because of our election fraud”

The very state Barrack Obama is from where election fraud was made into a form of art. Now the President who learned from the state how to steal elections and subvert the will of the people at the ballot box.

He learned well from Chicago about how to make an election go his way.

Now The Obama Administration needs to exploit these Motor Voter laws that can be used to register non citizens to vote that have recently came across the border as a way to hold on to power because the party is losing support among its base.

Registering voters in the local graveyards voting more than once might not be enough. to keep the Democrats in power. This why this mass invasion of migrants from Central America is politically motivated because the Democrats need new voters to vote Democrat because the Party base is shrinking. This is part of the strategy behind the Democrats push for Battle Ground Texas trying to turn Texas into a Blue State from a Red State by registering new Democrats using the mass migration from the south.

The movement has started in an attempt to make eligible non citizens to be allowed to register to vote because not only the Democratic Party. The Blue-blood RINO Republicans face having major loses to the Tea Party movement this November. Unless they get a voter base of an uneducated underclass to replace the voters they have lost since the Bush and Obama administrations took office. The reason is because the people have awoken to the fact the both political parties are controlled by the same interest. The illusion of a false choice has been exposed and coming to an end real fast.

You can see that the obvious is when Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama are now being rejected by the faithful rank and file. There is a mass exudes of people leaving in both major parties. Why? Because they put the party ahead of the country.

Speaker of the House John Boehner is about to be tossed from his leadership position because he aided and abetted the Obama Administration by not keeping the White House’s abuse of power in Check.

Shock-waves were felt throughout Washington DC when Republican Majority Leader Rep. David Cantor lost in his Primary bid to a Tea Party Candidate.

This is why the Motor Voter laws along with the Diebold voting machines must be nullified on the state and local levels because it encourages voter fraud. We must make sure we go before county commission meetings nullifying these Motor Voter laws that encourage ballot fraud.

Securing our Elections is just as important as securing our national borders. Both are important to preserving our sovereignty as a nation. This is why the people must take back our elections from the political machine that corrupts the vote.

My solutions are:

Get rid of the Electronic Voting machines and vote counters. Return to paper ballots and manual counting of the votes cast counted openly in public view.

Have a separate picture voter ID card for the use of showing at the Polling precinct. To obtain one. The person must show up at the County Supervisor of Elections office. The applicant must show proof of residence example utility bill, proof of naturalization, Drivers License or State issued ID and Birth certificate as proof of citizenship that verifies the person exist.

The Country Supervisor of Elections shall no long accept voter applications from the DMV or any government office because lack of verification. If the person wants to register to vote. They have to show up in person to register to vote at the County Supervisor of Elections office.

Political parties and Campaign for political office should be prohibited from voter registration since both political parties have abused the system to gain an unfair advantage.

It is up to us to safeguard our elections minimizing the risk of election fraud.  Making sure only people who are eligible to vote are the only ones allowed to cast a ballot. Do not trust the politicians to make sure the elections are fair and transparent.

Do not call me racist because I want only those eligible be able to register to vote. It is not about voter suppression or discrimination. It is about stopping disfranchising the will of the people by sending to the polls people who know nothing about out history, culture or our form of government.

If a person who entered our country legally, Learned the English language and went through the naturalization process. Has knowledge of what our republican form of government is about. Took an oath of allegiance as the final step becoming a citizen of these united States. Then they have earned the right to vote and participate in the electoral process. Let these newcomers who played by the rule reap the blessings of liberty as Americans.

To conclude: Do we need to nullify the Motor Voter law as a start reforming our election system protecting the people from being disenfranchised by election fraud? Tell me. I would like to know.

5 thoughts on “Is It Time to Nullify the ‘Federal Election Laws’ that Encourage Voter Fraud and Registers Illegal Aliens to Vote?

  1. Voting is of no use any longer. In fact if you vote then you give your consent to be governed, this is something I would never do since I do not require governance or even accept it. Of course the illegals will be exploited in every conceivable way, this is why they were invited here to begin with.
    The best way to remove vote fraud is to remove the frauds, no amount of legal tail wagging will make any difference when the same people breaking the law are supposed to enforce it.. Stop falling for the fictionality of our entire culture, what still exists of it and make rational decisions. The illegal tidal wave is caused by the internal frauds and traitors, there is where the solution needs to be applied.
    As for electing anyone, if they want the office then they are the wrong person for it. We need a very rigorous and low paying system that is constantly monitored closely by the people not by any gov agency or other very corruptible group.
    But alas what good will saying this do?

  2. “To vote is a right to a citizen.”

    This is a common misconception. The constitution doesn’t guarantee anyone a right to vote, and in the past, voting has been restricted to land owners, and men.

    First of all, we’re now suffering an invasion that the nullification of laws will not have any effect on. Right now we need guns on the border, because we’ve been betrayed by our “representatives”.

    In the near future (when we have honest voting machines), voting should be limited to natural-born Americans capable of passing a test which proves they have some understanding of government, history, and an American’s civic duty.

    We really need to put an end to idiots being able to vote. Morons who voted for Obama because “it’s about time we had a black president” installed a communist traitor in the White House (or the rigged voting machines did it) in the name of political correctness, and I can’t think of a dumber reason to choose a leader for this country.

    and by the way, anyone who voted for Obama because “it’s about time we had a black president” is JUST AS RACIST as someone who says “I’d never vote for a nigger”, because in either case, you’re predicting his future behavior based only on his skin color. It’s racism, regardless of it’s positive or negative stance on the matter.

  3. “To vote is a right to a citizen.”

    Oh that’s OK. Barry and company will just say they are “Undocumented citizens” and then that will make it fine and legal by their Communist rule.

    Not that it matters anyways, seeing as how the last election has proven without a shadow of a doubt that voting and the Diebold machines are both a complete and utter FRAUD!!

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