Is Obama and the Banker Establishment With Thier Puppets in Congress falling from Power?

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I can say there is no dull moment with Obama’s tenure in office. He is making enemies even on his own side in certain circles. His conduct while President is alienating the people who supported him. Even some of his former useful idiots are stating to have second thoughts. After President Barrack Obama has been given a second term as President for 4 more years He has really shown his true colors being an authoritarian posing a threat to all Americans.  

President Obama approval numbers are at an all time low at 37 percent.  He tried to send us to war with Syria the American people are opposed to.  The roll out of Obamacare has been a disaster. People who have good Health Insurance policies lost their coverage after Obama lied saying they would not lose their healthcare plans. I know people are not signing up for the exchanges on in mass. I know tens of millions of people will not buy over priced health insurance that gives substandard healthcare. If the choice comes between an individual providing for the family or expensive government mandated healthcare with premiums the can exceed their own salary. They will choose the family over Obamacare almost every time.

I sense a major backlash is coming. I do not see the US Military doing his bidding. No matter how many Officers he purges from the Military. The Armed Forces are awake and aware of the oath breaking Obama administration.

I do not see a lot of small local police departments and county Sheriffs going along with Martial law plans. I see the rolling out of Martial law falling apart fast because FEMA and DHS have no teeth of power without the Police and Military support. Many Police after Hurricane Katrina remember how FEMA sabotaged rescue and relief efforts in New Orleans turning away supplies vitally needed and cutting phone lines of the Police agencies to cause more problems. This is one of the reasons why I see the Military and Police fractured about carrying out gun confiscation and rounding up dissidents under the NDAA. Many people in law enforcement know how the feds work and want no part of it.

Here is an example of what happens when the Military stands down instead of carrying out the dictator’s orders. Right before communism and the Berlin Wall fell dividing east and West Germany. The East German army stood down instead of following orders to oppress the protesters. The decision the East German soldiers made the German Secret police powerless. The East German Stasi ran into hiding because they lost the support of the Military to back up their tyrannical operations.

Will there be an enough is enough with the US Military where they go and arrest President Obama and his administration, including VP Joe Biden. The Military is being purged of Field grade and flag Officers if they do not follow unconstitutional orders to oppress the American people at the will of the Dictator. Obama has been pushing every ones buttons and stepping on the toes of even his stanch supporters.

Obama is so unpopular in his own party. Even Jimmy Carter has not encountered at a fundraiser a low participation. He has more class than Obama for sure. In San Francisco, they are discounting fifty percent off on fundraiser tickets where Obama is the keynote speaker. San Francisco is the haven of leftist like Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Diane Feinstein have enjoyed political stability regardless of national disapproval for their policy stances are in trouble. That is pathetic when a Democrat fundraiser can not sell out in a city that should be a sanctuary for the left winger and Marxist like Obama has to drop the price in tickets to get a full house.  They make the excuse of donor fatigue or lack of interest. How about this analysis as I see it. He is killing the economy and I think people see him even in his own party a disgrace. Not attending a fundraiser shows defections in the party. Obama I have predicted will leave office in shame. The writing is on the wall.

What is most disturbing is a report from Former Maj. General Vallely talking about forced resignations in the government. Is he getting scuttlebutt from the General Staff officers in the Pentagon sending an ultimatum pushing for forced resignations of the President Obama, VP Biden Speaker Boehner, and Sen. Harry Reid as a last peaceful solution before there is a military coup? If the leadership in the White House and Congress ignores the Military’s call to step down peacefully for the good of the country to avoid a military coup removing them from office. They all could be arrested if they did not heed.

Journalist Benjamin Fulford in his reports on Nov 19, 2013November 11, 2013 and Nov 6, 2013 has received from reliable sources inside the Pentagon that plans are in the works to remove Obama and arrest members of congress who are collaborators for the oligarchs and the bankers on Wall Street.  Could the there be an ultimatum by the General Staff officers who are patriots to force these corrupt politicians in Congress and the White House to resign to avoid being arrested for treason as Retired Maj. General Vallely reported in World Net Daily?

Former Pres. George W. Bush gave this choice to Saddam Hussein telling him to leave Iraq in 24 hours before military invasion started or face the consequences even though it was wrong for us to remove the Iraqi leader from power. Is this what the Military’s plan to the corrupt leadership in government to peacefully restore the republic before using the last resort of a military takeover?

Many people who serve in uniform in defense of freedom and to preserve the republic see the President attacking traditions that are the basic pillars in armed forces. There is no more religious freedom attacking the Christian faith. Freedom of association telling the military rank and file they can not contribute or be part of the Tea Party movement.The closing of the commissaries on military installations under the government shut down which are free standing angered many military retirees and those serving in the armed forces. Now there is talk of shutting down commissaries in the next fiscal year.

George Washington has been demonized saying in today’s army. He would not be welcome. Soldiers and Marines are freaking out when they are being trained for gun confiscation and rounding up dissidentsIt seems like there is coup and counter coups inside the pentagon between Obama’s political appointees and bureaucrats trying to fundamentally waging war inside the pentagon against the commissioned and the enlisted class change the military purging the patriots and trying to form a more compliant Officer and NCO class to carry out the immoral and illegal orders.

It seems there is movement within the Pentagon to counter or neutralize the Obama administration by removing him or compartmentalizing to prevent further harm to the nation and the peopleIt has been reported by an ex US agent that the detonation of a Nuclear or EMP pulse to shut down the power grid was stopped by the MilitaryWas it the part of the Gridxx exercise in FEMA region 3 mobilizing FEMA in an event of the power grid going down or was this on September 11th remembering the 12th anniversary of that day a plan to detonate a nuclear warhead in Washington DC as a false flag attack to blame it on Syria to justify starting a major world war bringing in Russia, Iran and China. At the same time collapse the economy using the war as a smoke screen for the bankers to further plunder the nation.

The scuttlebutt is that there was an attempted arrest of President Obama by the Provost Marshal when there was evidence he tried to detonate a nuclear warhead in DC. The navy yard shooting was a smoke screen to cover it up if there was an attempt to arrest the President after it has been reported of nuclear warheads being illegally moved without proper military protocols from Texas that are unaccountable.

At this point anything can happen. Let’s just hope Obama’s executive power is put on a leash where his capacity of acting as a dictator is seriously limited or if he is removed from off. It is done quickly without any bloodshed. I just pray the transition from being an empire back to a republic is peaceful with little violence and no civil war. Obama is on shaky ground or sinking slowly in quicksand.  The writing is on the wall that he will not finish his second term because what he has done to betray the people and even those who supported him will throw him to the wolves.. Do you think the same?

Sent to us by a reader.

One thought on “Is Obama and the Banker Establishment With Thier Puppets in Congress falling from Power?

  1. First off Obama sees himself as a permanent fixture in the White House he seeks Martial Law and the suspension the Constitution as his ticket for permanent reign. That would do it. Then there is the war thing not good to change horses in the middle of the stream eh?

    Next point Benjamin Fulford are you kidding he is a nut job full of you know choice bovine excrement. Name one event he told of that came to be. Not one…. there you go.

    As to our military and police I believe the powers that be have that well under control foreign NATO troops already here and being trained by our military. How bout that?

    I do not have too much faith in this presentation maybe I have become cynical but we lost the chance to take control a long time ago and now they have the edge.

    I will await with anxious breath for any sign of change in this corrupt and evil country we have allowed to be created. We did not stand and that is our shame.

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