Is This A Dummy? LAX Shooting

This is a still of what I saw this morning on FOX. It has taken 4 hours just to locate this image again and this is the best of several copies I have found.

My fist thought was a straw stuffed scarecrow. In this still shot it looks more like a dummy to me. And why is the lead storm trooper ready to fight when we see another cop walking casually FROM the direction they were headed?

Any one care to offer an opinion?

25 thoughts on “Is This A Dummy? LAX Shooting

  1. Airport Announcement: “The White Zone is for the shooting of TSA and the shooting of TSA only. The Red Zone is for the special effects staging area.”
    Looks like somebody picked the wrong day to quit sniffing glue.
    It’s hard to tell…could be a dummy, especially cause the head looks to small for the body.
    My question is, why are the cops pushing this guy/dummy around? Where the hell are the EMTs? The EMTs should be all over this guy…er dummy…whatever.

    1. Ya should have seen the live shot video from a chopper. I STILL cannot find that and don’t know anyone else that saw the live feed. And I still can’t find an image that I can enlarge enough to clearly see. Until a recorded video appears, it looks like we are stuck with an iffy proposition although I still think this isn’t a warm body of any kind. Also where’s the blood? It sure isn’t that waterstain on it’s shirt!

    2. Carnis village on has a pic of dhs dummy. Body frame looks identical especially the abnormally square hips. Plus a real human’s (when in that position) mouth would be hanging wide open.

  2. The chest is huge – body armor?

    The person in question is said to have had a rifle in a secured area.

    He just carried it on in?

    Perhaps he concealed it in his sock, yeah, that’s it…

    F.F. does not always stand for Freaky Friday

    1. “A man “pulled an assault rifle out of a bag and began to open fire” Friday morning in Los Angeles International Airport, killing one person and injuring others before being shot and taken into custody, police said.”

      This is the OFFICIAL ‘story’, from another article.

      So far, at least.

      Subject to change without notice.

  3. Dummy non the less.
    the tsa has baggage.
    Did they pay to rent that luggage cart?
    Another one bites the dust.
    They are just taking out the garbage.
    i guess he felt up the wrong guys kids.
    His molestation days are OVER.
    the good die young…he will recover.

  4. My exact thought when I saw this on the news. Immediately googled to see if I was the only one, happy to come across this today and see that I’m not crazy.

    I called it at 10:05 am Pacific Time yesterday!

    rhumstruck says:
    November 1, 2013 at 10:05 am

    “Hey everyone,
    keep your eyes open for a video of this from FAUX news. What I saw “live” was supposed to be a wounded TSA agent in a wheelchair. That is what FAUX said, WHAT I SAW WAS A HALLOWEEN SCARECROW IN A tsa UNIFORM IN THE WHEELCHAIR!”

  6. As a student studying to become a EMT I find very strange that they would be using a wheelchair and not a stretcher for what looks like a critically injured or possibly dead person.Anyone else think they’re just getting sloppy?

  7. These people who take part in all these events are initiated members of many different clandestine societies who see themeselves superior to all who are not initiated.They believe they have the right to guide human evolution and want to reduce the population to create what they believe is a superior race.They are parasites in denial that have been suppressing technology and knowledge to reach their selfish ends.Many members are starting to see that their plan is set to fail and are speakng out but are continuing to die (accidentally) mysteriously… “Sometimes the cruelest lies are given through silence”

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