Israel Has Destroyed Nearly All Buildings in Gaza ‘Buffer Zone’

By Dave DeCamp –

Israel has destroyed nearly every building in Gaza along the Strip’s border with Israel to create a “buffer zone,” a plan that will result in Israel taking a significant chunk of Gaza’s territory.

A report from the United Nations Satellite Center found that Israel has destroyed or damaged 90% of the buildings in Gaza within 1 kilometer of the border as of February 29. It found that 3,033 buildings were completely demolished, 327 were seriously damaged, and 266 were moderately damaged.

According to Haaretz, the real number of demolished buildings is likely higher since Israeli forces are actually creating the buffer zone 1,200 meters within Gaza, 200 meters further inside the Strip than what the UN examined.

According to an analysis from Adi Ben Nun, a Hebrew University geography professor, Israel’s buffer zone will take 16% of Gaza’s territory. Besides demolishing any buildings that are in the way, Israeli forces are also destroying agricultural land.

Israeli officials have framed the buffer zone as necessary to prevent a future October 7-style attack, but it’s likely part of Israel’s long-term plans to control Gaza and potentially establish Jewish settlements in the Strip, an idea strongly supported by many Israeli ministers and Knesset members.

The US claims that it does not support any plans that shrink Gaza’s territory, but US officials have been silent about the buffer zone. Israel is also establishing a road that separates northern Gaza from the rest of the Strip and plans to control it indefinitely.

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