Israel to Extend Water Agreement With Jordan ‘For Helping Shoot Down Iranian Drones’

By Chris Menahan – Information Liberation

Israel is reportedly going to reward Jordan for shooting down Iranian drones fired at Israel by extending a water agreement for another year.

From YNetNews, “Israel to extend water agreement with Jordan”:

Jordan actively helped thwart the Iranian threat against Israel and now it appears Israel is prepared to thank the Hashemite Kingdom by granting a year’s extension, despite previous reluctance.

Following Jordan’s involvement in the western coalition’s efforts to intercept all missiles and drones fired from Iran toward Israel, it appears Israel has decided to reciprocate; Energy Minister Eli Cohen is widely expected to extend the Jordanian-Israeliwater agreement for an additional year.

[…] The Jordan-Israel peace accord stipulates that Israel transfer 50 million cubic feet of water annually and, back in the summer of 2021, then-Prime Minister Naftali Bennett decided to double the amount to 100 million. That agreement was for three years, and ends next month. As it seems, a one-year extension will be granted following Jordan’s help with the Iranian threat.

Israel last month put out a list of demands for Jordan to jump through in order to have the water agreement extended:

Iran reportedly tipped off Jordan, Turkey, Iraq and the US to the attack three days in advance to minimize the risk of escalation.

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