Israeli army strapped wounded Palestinian to jeep

By Robert Plummer – BBC News

The Israeli military has said its forces violated protocol by strapping a wounded Palestinian man to the front of their vehicle during a raid in the West Bank city of Jenin.

The Israel Defense Forces confirmed the incident after it was captured on video and shared on social media. An IDF statement said the man was wounded in an exchange of fire during the raid, in which he was a suspect.

The injured man’s family said that when they asked for an ambulance, the army took him, strapped him to the bonnet of their jeep and drove off.

The individual was eventually transferred to the Red Crescent for treatment. The IDF said the incident would be investigated.

Eyewitnesses speaking to Reuters news agency identified him as a local man and named him as Mujahed Azmi.

“This morning [Saturday], during counter-terrorism operations to apprehend wanted suspects in the area of Wadi Burqin, terrorists opened fire at IDF troops, who responded with fire,” the IDF statement said.

“During the exchange of fire, one of the suspects was injured and apprehended.

“In violation of orders and standard operating procedures, the suspect was taken by the forces while tied on top of a vehicle.

“The conduct of the forces in the video of the incident does not conform to the values of the IDF. The incident will be investigated and dealt with accordingly.”

There has been a surge in violence in the West Bank since the start of the war in the Gaza Strip, triggered by Hamas’s deadly attack on southern Israel on 7 October.

The UN says at least 480 Palestinians – members of armed groups, attackers and civilians – have been killed in conflict-related incidents in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem.

Ten Israelis, including six security forces personnel, have also been killed in the West Bank.

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