Israeli border police officer flips Palestinian man from wheelchair


An Israeli border police officer was captured on film flipping a disabled Palestinian man’s wheelchair to the ground in Hebron on Sunday.

Moments prior to the incident, a 14 year-old Palestinian girl was shot after she attempted to stab a police officer.

Wheelchair user Majed al-Fakhouri said he had been trying to reach the girl to attempt first aid. The officer told him to turn back. “He then turned me over and my head hit the ground,” he told The Daily Telegraph.  

As the crowd saw al-Fakhouri fall, some tried to come closer. Another police officer then kicked a young man away, while shouting and pointing a gun at his chest. Another Israeli ran towards them, and drops some sort of explosive device which detonated moments later, sending the onlookers running away.

An Israeli police spokesman said the incident was being investigated. The girl who was shot, Yasmin A-Tamimi was taken to hospital in a serious condition.

One thought on “Israeli border police officer flips Palestinian man from wheelchair

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