Israeli Defense Minister Asks Russia to Stand Down Syria Air Defenses or They Will Be Attacked Too

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Israel’s Defense Minister said on Thursday in an interview for a Russian newspaper, the Kommersant respectively, that Israel will continue to hit military targets in Syria. Also,  Avigdor Lieberman warned the Russians that, let me quote:

“If the S-300 systems aren’t aimed at us, that’s one thing. If they open fire on our aircraft, we certainly will respond.  We always take Russian interests into account, and hope they take Israel’s security interests into account”  

These comments arrive in the aftermath of Israel’s air force attacks on Syrian targets, including the T4 airbase, a move strongly criticized by Russia, Assad’s regime main friend and ally. The diplomatic relations between Russia and Israel took a turn for the worse recently, after Russia announced its plans to deliver state of the art anti aircraft missile systems (S-300) to Assad’s regime (for free), a decision which made the Israelis very nervous.  Top Russian officials announced that if Israel tries to attack S-300 anti aircraft systems, Russia will retaliate and the consequences would be catastrophic. Israel Defense Minister also  told the Kommersant that:

“Iran attempts to turn Syria into a forward position against Israel. Every attempt by Iran to establish itself in Syria will be frustrated. It would be very wise of Assad not to interfere.”

Now, let’s see what Avigdor Lieberman actually meant. Basically, he warned Russia, which by the way is a military super-power, at least compared to Israel and any other country or group of countries in the Middle East, that its air defenses deployed in Syria (the S300 SAM systems are currently protecting Russian military bases, its naval base at Tartus and its warships) at Assad’s regime request must be put on hold while Israel’s air force strikes targets in Syria with impunity, in complete disregard of international law. And he also said that Israel’s strikes will continue in Syria. Which means that Israel tries hard to provoke a war with Iran and maybe Russia, plain and simple, there’s no other way to read Avigdor Lieberman’s comments.

If you’re not up to date with what’s going on in Syria, Iran’s military forces are in Syria at President Assad’s request (the same as the Russians), and they are helping  the regime in its fight against ISIS, Al Qaeda and other garden-variety Islamic terrorist groups dubbed” freedom-fighters” or “rebels” by the lapdog mainstream media, “rebels” which are by the way supported by Gulf states, Israel and the US (prior to Trump), as they were trying to morph Syria from a secular state into a radical Islamic theocracy, just like they did in Libya or in their former “Islamic State” (now a thing of the past, thanks in big part to Russia and Iran). Israelis perceive Assad’s regime victory against ISIS as a clear and present danger at their border, for reasons that are unclear to any rational non-zionist, and they’re escalating their aggression against Syria via a barrage of air strikes. Sooner or later, those strikes will provoke a response, as for every action there is a reaction. In the past, Israel’s strikes were meant to destroy weapons convoys traveling to Lebanon via Syria from Iran, to supply Hezbollah. However, the most recent airstrikes targeted Syrian infrastructure which is currently used by Iranian forces, and the last 2 airstrikes took place deep inside Syria’s territory, killing and maiming both Syrian and Iranian operatives.

So here we go again with Israel thinking they can do whatever the Hell they want, and if someone, or some country, doesn’t like it, well, then tough shit. Is it just me, or it’s a Jewish cultural thing whereby they feel they can commit any egregious act, whether on a personal level or at the state level, and the “victim” is only allowed to complain about it? When the victim reacts in retaliation with the same kind of act or force that they did, then we will hear all kinds of propaganda about how Israel was wronged or that  their act of aggression was rightful, while the other’s was not. We’ve seen this kind of BS play out over and over again – for at least as long as I can remember. And you know what? That dog ain’t gonna hunt anymore! Virtually every country in the world is sick and tired of Israel’s antics, and if it wasn’t for the US constantly sticking up for them (even when the latter is totally in the wrong) then they would have been censored a long time ago on the world stage.

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6 thoughts on “Israeli Defense Minister Asks Russia to Stand Down Syria Air Defenses or They Will Be Attacked Too

  1. Turkey is not far away. It ranks number 14 for largest army in the world….355000…Israel ranks number 29 with 177000….Oh….Iran is number 8 with 523000. Much of the conflict with Hezbollah is for control of that precious resource….water. The Litani River divides the Lebanon and Israeli border.

  2. Go ahead, Israel–who couldn’t defeat Hezbollah, nearly sank the USS Liberty though it was winning the 6-Day War and forced LBJ to claim Egypt did it, couldn’t murder thousands at the Sabra and Shatilla refugee camps so they got PHALANGIST CHRISTIANS to do it, couldn’t protect its own PM Yitzak Rabin from TALMUDIC SETTLER YAGIL AMIR backed by the Talmud and cheered by NuttyYahoo, and can’t beat up anyone else so they have to show how tough they are by genociding helpless Palestinians–make Russia’s day!

  3. I know this is all scripted well in advance but I dearly hope the jews launch an attack and get wiped the F out. That would tickle me pink.

  4. I hope I live long enough to read a new story that says, “…the sheet of glass that once was the nation of Israel…”

    1. No Israhell no problems. Love to see Russia smack the piss out of those asswipes. Glass spot in the sand I approve and it’s more economical then to keep shoveling U.S. money into this B.S. any joo should appreciate the savings – what a deal.

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