Israelis Put Down Their Foot in the US Senate

The Zio-Communist dual citizens so called Israeli-Americans, operating within the treasonous cabal in the District of Criminals have introduced the Nuclear Weapon Free Iran Act of 2013 in direct defiance of the will of the American people, who made it abundantly clear that we do not support any further foreign incursions designed to facilitate the further conquest of Zion.

No matter what the lying propagandists tell you, it was our opposition that put the kibosh on US love missiles being fired into Syria, after which Syria was supposed to retaliate by firing on Israel who ordered the attack, which would have resulted in, under current defense compacts, the US stepping into a war in Syria designed to spread into Lebanon and then Iran.   

This latest legislation is Netanyahu’s way of saying, “Up yours” to the American people.  The fact is the Senate voted 99-0 back in May of last year to put the United States military at the disposal of Israel, even if that country starts a conflict through an aggressive act.

The United States taxpayer, right now, is paying to destroy Syria’s chemical weapons arsenal, which is in reality the only defense that country had against Israeli nuclear aggression.

This new legislation places sanctions on Iran during peace negotiations.  Again, though we American nationals have made it clear that we want peace, the Israelis are asserting that our will is irrelevant to the equation as they believe the puppet government they have implanted in our country can and will control any opposition we have to having our young people once again thrust into the Middle East meat grinder for the greater glory of Zion.

Iran has the right under international law to develop nuclear technology.  The developments they have undertaken have been within the bounds of international law, whereas Israel has created and maintains one of the largest nuclear arsenals on the planet, in direct violation of international law and UN sanctions.

Israel does not want Iran to have nuclear technology because the Israelis demand a nuclear monopoly in the region.  And it is not just about war power.  It is also in direct correlation with nuclear technology in the medical industry.  Look what is happening in the Middle East.  Every country that starts to rise up to the point that it might become a competition to the Israelis is being bombed back into the third world by the Israeli’s lapdog US military.

It is bad enough that the contention continues to be brought forth that the United Nations can create laws for Americans which violate our Bill of Rights, Constitution, and national sovereignty, now the little parasitic pee ant country of Israel is stepping up to push their dictates upon us though bribery, blackmail, and every other form of criminality being implemented to reward or punish those willing to commit treason against our country and our people.

The American Zionists who are sponsoring and voting for this should immediately be registered as foreign agents and shortly thereafter charged with espionage.  There is nothing left in Washington DC but contempt for the American people and our way of life.  Until we remove this parasitic Zionist tick from the body of our country, we will know no peace.

May the Creator help us to find a way to that end.

14 thoughts on “Israelis Put Down Their Foot in the US Senate

    1. I don’t even know if they have to do that “secretly” anymore.

      A lot of Americans are still thoroughly brainwashed by the Jew TV, so naturally, nothing’s too good for our “friends in the middle east” regardless of how hard they’re working to rob us of what little we have left, and then kill us all, of course.

      Talking to TV-brainwashed Americans is no different that talking to a Moonie or a Hare Krishna. If the TV told them to shave their heads and dress themselves in bed-sheets you’d see the idiots doing it all over the country.

      1. I had to write a letter to the guy that heads up the Oklahoma Political Action Committee because he used the phrase “Judeo-Christian values”. My letter explained the obvious oxymoron and that by applying a false measure, accurate truth can never be achieved.

        Brainwashed Christians “think” they are doing the right thing, because of Pharisee controlled religious/political programming. To get these people to see the truth is more difficult than convincing them that the FED is a private bank.

    2. As far as I understand, they will soon have complete control of our armed forces as 53 traitorous Senators have endorsed the bill to allow The Jews control of our military, which. I assume, would also include our nuclear arsenal.

    3. Too late, that shitty little country already controls our nukes, and all security inside of Amerika, including the NSA.

    4. I figured it was this bad, but didn’t want to believe it.
      If they really do have control of the nukes…what’s to keep them from pointing them inward?


  1. I fear for my children, my grandson and all of the children of this once great country. They are the ones who will suffer the most with war and it will happen.

  2. Jury Duty
    Please summon me for one of their stunts!
    I can’t wait to nullify oath breaking scum laws.

    JP Morgan is a branch of the NYPD?
    Yeah and that CAR thief is actually an angel on a mission.

    Got Caught with a seed in your car?
    BAD LAW.

    there needs to be a comprehensive online place where people can become fully informed jurors and be ready for all the techniques used.

    They speak LATIN instead of ENGLISH on purpose so we need translators!

  3. We the people have a list of the traitors, time for the FBI, CIA, NSA to show me how to protect The United States against Foreign agents. Lets see how that works out for us.

    1. Problem is, the alphabet agencies ARE the Foreign agents, as well as traitors.

      As well as the terrorists.

      Along with Mossad.

      1. Well, Now that I’m up again because someone we both know doesn’t understand that some people actually sleep at night, I might as well join in the conversation.

  4. “The American Zionists who are sponsoring and voting for this should immediately be registered as foreign agents and shortly thereafter charged with espionage.”

    And shortly thereafter that, HUNG!

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