2 thoughts on “It all comes out in the wash

  1. So cousin is SUPERVISOR at AstraZeneca and receives paycheck from same. I know most have to eat and feed a family, but to be in the employ of a company that is fixin’ to vax the world, is that not a form of aiding and abetting? Cousin says he’ll say, “Hell NO!! to taking the vax himself, knows it’s all about “control,” yet is willing to be in the employ of someone who’d dose others? I do not mean to be harsh, but this is not a time to attend to our own comfort-needs first. So much at risk; not just freedom, but health, and life itself.

    On a personal note, I’ve often thought that if one bends to conscience and refuses to advance or take favors from an enterprise that is toxic, then that strength-of-character would lead one to find gainful employment, where compromise is not necessary. We help stabilize what we give our time and energy to, consequently validating its existence. If none supported or worked for these commie corporate corporations, they’d whither and fade away. Used to be a paycheck was for a job well done, not for lending a hand to tyranny.


  2. Mr. Cousin seems he’s in need of rope. That sort of sh!t don’t take with me regardless of family, and bills! That sort of crap is in part why we’re in this mess! Use the noggin, mthrfker’s!!!

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