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It Begins… Communist Indoctrination Included in Common Core Literature for First Graders

obama youth brigadeThe Gateway Pundit – by Jim Hoft

This will make you puke.

Reading, writing and arithmetic are out – Communist indoctrination is in!
The radical left is indoctrinating FIRST GRADERS in communist doctrine disguised as educational tools for first graders. The indoctrination is part of the Common Core curriculum for elementary students.  

Creating young radicals – one child at a time.

Why wait until they’re in high school?

They’re after the babies now.

Via Utahns Against Common Core:

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9 Responses to It Begins… Communist Indoctrination Included in Common Core Literature for First Graders

  1. NC says:

    Wow, as an English graduate, I have NO IDEA how this fits into writing or literature itself, let alone for a 1st grader or primary school learner. What happened to reading comprehension or vocabulary? That’s what I learned when I was in 1st grade. Now we just look for emotional words and that should solve both of these areas? What moron wrote this book and what morons paid to publish this book. They ought to be shot on site. And what 1st grader cares about being socially involved? All he wants to do is do his homework and play with his friends. Becoming socially involved is like a high school student doing voluntary social work in order to graduate (AKA Probationary punishment). Yea, that will definitely teach them to become well educated. What 1st grader cares about being socially active.

    What happened to simple children stories with morals in their stories like The Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood, The Turtle and the Hare, Humpty Dumpty, and other stories that help kids THINK for themselves and learn from their actions?

    NOPE! Being socially active is MORE important and effective. WTF!!!?? As a former school teacher and English graduate, I find this extremely insulting to the teachers and the education of our children.

    It’s no wonder our children are so morally F**ked up. It’s no longer, “what did you learn?” but “what can you do to help society better?” WTF!!???

  2. Bryan says:

    Be sure to follow the link appearing toward the end of the video — it further explains why these teaching techniques are not merely exercises in critical thinking:

  3. Lisa says:

    It was 1961 when I was in first grade. Our ‘literature’ consisted of Dick and Jane. What’s going on?
    And we didn’t learn persuasive writing until much later. And it did not consist of how to use words to make people angry…

  4. Test Flight Dummy says:

    There’s a song out there, I forget the punk band/ song name, but the words were something like ,

    “Your emotions are nothing but politics, so get control.”

    I think this the end re-mixed result of taking it to conclusion.
    While the song likely means about people whining and crying, today staying in control of politics requires emotional reaction from the people to FEED into to the Problem Reaction Solution agenda(s)

  5. dieselchadron says:

    this might be a good idea, actually. the point of this craziness is for 6-year olds to produce quality propaganda. maybe if everybody in primary school has already practiced producing propaganda of their own, then they will be able to recognize propaganda when they see it (unlike the vast majority of folks right now)

  6. Richard says:

    The state government in North Carolina are putting this into effect. A lot of groups are fighting to stop. But the current Gov. and state leg. are for it because it is from Bill Gates and foundation. Also it is funding in part from Gates.

  7. Michael says:

    The latest DSM manual for Psychiatrists list ALL human emotions as a mental disorder.
    So now we have these “books” teaching our kids “anger, fear and joy” which, under the new DSM guidelines, would have these kids committed to a psych-ward (see where this is going?).

  8. The problem with indoctrinating with the ideas inherent to the communist manifesto, is that, once they grow up, they will look at profit as being something evil and undesirable. This is common in our society already, because these indoctrinations have been going on a long time at various levels of education.

    As a result, society stagnates, because individuals see no incentive to make a profit within the sphere of their psyche.

    There of course, is a counter argument that a society bent on reaping profit at every seam, destroys its environment and becomes a lot like our own is today.

    There is no happy median. The focus of each idea is simply wrong.

  9. robert says:

    The direction of government agenda is social corporatism – communism is a means to this end. The quality of public education in America is so repugnant to reason that no word expresses it precisely at present. Children subjected to indoctrination at each level of learning, I submit, violates an implicit trust between teacher and student, not to mention another including the parents, then another including the social order.

    Truth is: America has been under de facto authority since the Civil War, perhaps even 1812. Some people still uphold the idea that constitutional precepts have not changed, and reject counterexamples out of hand. Some permit themselves to consider changes, but refuse to regard Federal authority as a negative feature.

    I prefer to side with Heraclitus who said “you cannot step into the same river twice.” By this – he meant that change is a fundamental feature of reality; therefore history and law. America and the people living on the land have been converted into resources for the US corporations to use and throw away when no longer useful. For what? Money? Power? Hubris? Pleasure? No single answer makes the process sensible to reason.

    Public education must be abolished. Central control of the intellectual and spiritual potential of the next generations must be rejected as a senseless impression of limitation applied to each mind, growing and developing. Those who have endured and recovered know the feeling of frustration when exclaiming “why did I not learn this in school?”

    The wave of communism experienced today in America has roots which originated before the World Wars. Rand recognized it. Hoover did also. Patton made note of it. Americans rejected it as a word, a ‘term’. But it often changed appearance – to socialism or New Left or democracy – which confused those who did not think relative to precision and clarity. The planks have been set and nailed in place – all ten!

    The textbooks developed today reflect the boundless intention to control even the content of every mind.

    Reject them. Return to the classical forms of intellectual development – grammar, logic, and rhetoric. Impose standards to impress an awareness of real v. unreal at every level of learning. Let them think and decide. Tell them that every lie conceals truth, for such is the purpose of a lie.

    Gain ground by reason and passion to do what is right and good.

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