2 thoughts on “It Begins… ‘Human Testing’ Begins of Ebola Vaccine In Maryland Lab

  1. Ebola is here; the good news is there is a LOT you can do about it.

    VITAMINs D & C, selenium, a strong immune system and the AVOIDANCE of NEEDLES are the best weapons we have against Ebola IMO.

    “The Ebola disease outcome is determined in the first few days. Surviving patients show an early and strong immune response and by day 4 viral numbers drop dramatically. Fatal cases show a weak to no immune response with high viral numbers. … the innate immune system is quite important in making the decision of survival or non-survival.” Doctor Erica Oilmann Saphire PhD Virologist, CDC Ebola Project Lead Scientist

    “In a 1995 peer review publication out of Africa the use of selenium supplementation was given there [Africa] and it reversed Ebola. … they found in a large number of cases there were gross deficiencies of selenium. … in this country there are a number of cases of gross selenium deficiency as well.” Robert Scott Bell Note a lack of selenium allows viruses to rapidly multiply


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