It Can’t Happen Here?

Published on May 20, 2013 by Ron theDVDguy Neil

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One thought on “It Can’t Happen Here?

  1. Everything was well written…accept the part where they think Hitler was just like Stalin or Mao. FDR, Churchill and Stalin were the bad guys, not Hitler. The same with Mussolini. Who do you think recorded what happened during WWII? We did to Hitler, what we did to Libya and Iraq and want to do to Iran.
    The Central Banks were behind Mao and Stalin…Hitler threw the Central Banking system out…that’s how they pulled off the German Miracle.

    We have no rights if they can take them away…they are called privileges.

    Education and History, brought to you by Rockefeller.
    Unless we figure out what really happened in our history…it will be difficult to move forward. Just like the Holohoax was made up, what happened during WW2 was carefully written to destroy Germany.
    Think zionism. The Weimar Republic was so corrupt, they were thrown out of Germany. They moved to Hollywood btw…

    Too bad this film got so much info wrong. The message is good, the info is flawed.

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