2 thoughts on “It was a nice day till these Bastards showed up!

  1. Yeah FF, I’d seen the picture you took this morning. I believe you are correct in saying this is our number problem. The reds are throwing so much at us, so fast that we can’t focus on any one situation. Order out of Chaos is their Motto. These people are not Human, they are the Soulless animals. Christ warned us about these children of Satan!

    1. Indeed.

      Have regularly noticed the lateral drift on the ‘trails.

      Some people get sooo irritated when I bring such things up. Asked someone not long ago if they remember these sort of trails behind planes so frequently, so continuously.
      They replied how it has always been like that. Be it that she had largely grown up grown up thru the ’70s & ’80’s as a youngster on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe* & not being a complete moron it is incredible she believes such things. All (OK, most) things against the norm seem to ignite a fire in her I have not seen in years.

      But, hey, what can you do about such strange phenomenon as a wife not agreeing with nor liking what one says, eh?

      * Lake Tahoe is a long standing aviation navigation hub for commercial flights (ie: butt loads of air traffic)

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