It’s a Big Club and You Ain’t In It

By Wall Street Apes

This Is Undercover Footage Filmed By A Citizen Journalist Through A Little Peep Hole On A Far Away Door

This is an “Inns of court event” where you see the California Chief Justice, judges, appeals judges and lawyers on both sides of prosecutions & defense

“The problem is is that they don’t ever disclose the conflicts of interest that are created with these little clubs. Little clubs where judges and lawyers can talk together, talk about people or cases or express their views, opinions, and ideas.”

“This is an ends of court event. That’s the California chief justice talking to the court of appeal justice Manoukian, and next to her is Mary Greenwood and Lori Peck. This is an insa court meeting that judges and lawyers are attending. It is an opportunity for them to socialize and talk about various issues.”

“I’ve been out recording all the judges going in there, but that’s the chief justice. She did slip past me, but I am talking I did talk to the court of appeal judges. There were 2 of them here, judge Lori Pegg, A lot of the attorneys that are from the area, they were trying to kinda gatekeep me.”

“Everybody was very concerned about what I was recording, and here’s the problem. They have used public money for this club. And Jay Borsky, who’s a district attorney, a prosecutor, has had his membership dues discounted and paid for by taxpayers. And the problem with judges not disclosing their social, professional, or financial relationships is when they are getting to exercise their discretion, they might lean in a direction of somebody that they feel more comfortable with or that they trust. And that’s the chief justice, and this is what we call access.

These lawyers and judges all have access to the chief justice.”

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