It’s A Race Specific Bioweapon. Can You Guess Which ‘Race’ Is Immune?

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January 22nd, 2022.

In a recent roundtable discussion about the mRna gene therapy bioweapon, Dr. Lee Merritt dropped some knowledge, data and a startling truth. I will leave the link to the entire video below.

NOTE: Ashkenazi Jews like the Rothschilds hijacked Judaism and wield it as a weapon which shields them from criticism. As my interviews with my friend Dr. Zev Zelenko reveal, not all jews are bad.

2 thoughts on “It’s A Race Specific Bioweapon. Can You Guess Which ‘Race’ Is Immune?

  1. And it’s not specifically engineered my ass. Pick which group or race you want to deal with and play in the lab. This is really a nightmare as the folks in the lab decide who lives and dies. Maybe you weren’t on the list this time but you could be anytime maybe the next time. When enough people have died in a curtain quota or demographic they can adjust the numbers and set a balance as they see fit. The Georgia guild stones are pretty specific as to the numbers so the population has to be divided up and regulated and kept in check.

    1. AshkaNAZI Goos (it’s a soft G).
      I knew the answer before the video started.
      Maybe the AshkeNAZI Goos were the only Europeans tha got some of that Genghis Kahn super DNA sperm. Unlikely?
      I need to do a little fact checking. I was slightly confused as to what the biological gender of the speaker was. Just a gut feeling. Weird backgrounds in the videos. Unusual.

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