10 thoughts on “It’s Great To Be A Dog….

  1. Had to post some tuesday humor. My favorite one is the third one down – leave it to a dog 😉 . Hope ya all get a good laugh, I know I needed one. 😆 😎

  2. This is too cute!! We have a german shepherd, even though she is a girl, I could see her reading a book!! Nice Laugh for the day!! Thanks digger!

  3. Hey Henry, isn’t the fourth one down that damn dog of yours? The reason i ask is because thats what happened to me last time i wouldn’t give him a pack of smokes.

    1. I told you I ate that son of a bitch. Bastard slapped me one too many times, very well could be one of his pups though, he did get around.

    1. No. Some of that Jack Daniels is 10 years old, already starting to turn color. Yuk. I don’t use anything that is more than a couple of months old.

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