The Day the FBI Knocked on Adam Lanza’s Door

Sandy Hook Adam LanzaWait just a minute. Weren’t we lead to believe that this kid couldn’t tie his own shoes and was mentally on another planet. NOW we are to believe that he was a computer genius. From these writings he sounds more like some kind of philosopher not the whack job we were lead to believe. It would also appear that he was the Flash as he went in shot people then Flashed out to his car putting the Bushmaster in the car, Flashed back in and laid down and shot himself with two maybe three or was it four 9mm handguns.  


In 2004, officials from the Federal Bureau of Investigation knocked on the door at 36 Yogananda Street, in Newtown, Connecticut, wanting information on a 12-year-old boy named Adam Lanza, according to his mother.

Adam had used his computer to hack through two levels of security on a government website, the officials told Nancy, and they wanted answers.

Nancy Lanza knew exactly how to handle this situation, how to keep her son out of trouble. “He’s a computer whiz,” she told the federal agents, assuring them he was just a very bright, if somewhat troubled boy. “Adam was just testing himself,” she added.

The agents left, apparently satisfied that the child was not a serious threat.

It was just one in a long list of missed opportunities that are yet another tragic footnote to the Sandy Hook Massacre in Newtown, CT.

A look back at the life of Adam Lanza and his writings shows that the visit from the FBI was only one of many times when just a little more digging, just a few more questions, could have prevented the tragic events of December 14, 2012.

“It goes without saying that an AK-47 and enough ammunition could do more good than a thousand ‘teachers,‘ if one is truly interested in reforming the system,” Adam had written a year before walking into Sandy Hook Elementary School with a Bushmaster XM 15-E2S assault rifle.

“In short time the children will be brainwashed, pumped full of Xanax and told to conform, until they have been turned into the oppressors.

“They (the children) are already dead.”

On the site where he was posting, no one batted an eye at any of this.  After all, it was typical of the stuff Adam had been posting on Shocked Beyond Belief for more than a year.

By “reforming the system,” Adam was espousing his already well-documented world view that the role of society was to manipulate humanity into its immoral value system, which is perpetuated by a vicious cycle of propagandizing young children through the education system.

“Is it really so ideal to have good and efficient citizens? All they’ll do is be more effective at propagating the system you hate,” Adam wrote.

He believed this system had made millions sick, both physically and mentally, as evidence by the rampant use of anti-depressants.  “The entire philosophy behind education: the brutal indoctrination of pristine minds so as to propagate some delusional system of cultural values.”

In another post he wrote that “the enculturing of human children” was “terrifying.”

In his world, mass shooters were sending a message of resistance. They were declaring that they wouldn’t play by society’s sick rules. They were fighting back.

Matthew Lysiak is the author of Newtown: an American Tragedy

3 thoughts on “The Day the FBI Knocked on Adam Lanza’s Door

    1. They will not give up even when they know we are on to them.
      That telephone call on the radio last week proved nothing. Why there was no evidence it was him. In fact he has been missing in action for a long time. When will they learn.

  1. Yawn! Why are we still talking about this in the MSM? This is old news.

    OH YEAH! THAT’S RIGHT! It’s too keep reminding everyone for the need of Big Brother in our country in order to fight that so called “war on terror”.

    These bastards are pathetic and insane. They’ll never give up and will still be fighting in the after life, long after they’re dead and buried six feet under.

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