It’s Your Funeral – Stand up now

Amazing Polly

October 5th, 2020.

The COVID measures are an attempt to bring in worldwide totalitarianism. I try to show you a wide view in this video.
At first I talk a little about the history of the Q movement and “the calm before the storm” .. NOTE: I say it’s a 2 year anniversary but it’s really 3 years. Mostly this video is about remembering who you are and paying the LOW COST now while it is still possible to stand up to tyranny. I talk about a recent funeral service that broke my heart, I show a portion of Trump’s Warsaw speech and I try to show how we are in the midst of a totalitarian WAR …

19 thoughts on “It’s Your Funeral – Stand up now

  1. What can I say (besides the Q and trump shit) that she didn’t? I agree completely. Praise be to God, lord, creator and sustainer of all things. The one who gives me life and liberty and from who I inherit my rights. Death to tyrants, all of them.

    1. Jamal, I’m sorry. I can’t look at her. But I guess I have to. She praised Q for rallying “hundreds of thousands to tens of millions of people to do their own research.” Seems to me multiple millions were “doing their own research” well before Q surfaced. Says it’s a “world-wide movement.” Yeah, a movement of Trump adoration, pressing people to trust him to make our lives great. When has the fu*ker ever mentioned “The Bill of Rights?” When has he ever said that the resources and industry of this great land belong to the people who deserve all the benefits of that ownership? She also says Q rallied many to scrutinize the press and our “elected members.” That means that she, in addition to touting Trump and Q, fully validates elections.

      I’m thinkin’ bump stocks. I’m thinkin’ due process. I’m thinkin’ stop and frisk. I’m thinkin’ the amnesty lie. I’m thinkin’ loyalty and subservience to Israel. I’m vomiting.

      She says our “elected officials” are not the ones imposing bureaucratic tyranny. It’s the bureaucratic medical borg. So here we go again with “deep state,” “swamp,” “nameless hive” No naming names, not yet anyway. She’s brings a shiny gold exterior with mud inside. Toxic, dangerous mud. And all this happened in only the first 7 minutes. I’ll have to try to take in more later since others found worth here. But I seem to be fuming right now. So far, it feels like someone arriving to deliver to me the pearl of great price. Only one condition, I have to also take an arrow to the heart.


      1. Galen, I agree with you. That’s why I said aside from the Qand trump stuff that she spoke of. What I agree with her about is all the other stuff she was saying. But I just want to add, I hear a lot about why doesn’t such and such say or do this or that, and namely the most important subject, our rights. Time and time again, I’ve said the time for talk is over. This isn’t just in regards to antifa, or trump supporters or any one on the street but most of all to these people in office. Nevermind about them. As a matter of fact when someone, the only person in office I did hear talk about our rights was Ron Paul and even he was blasted. The bottom line is its our duty, every man and woman who stands for it to defend and preserve it. That was whole point of our 2nd article we speak so much about. Im holding myself accountable as well. I don’t want to dwell on things we already know. I want to move forward to do what has to be done. One thing she said that really resonates with me is how she stopped talking about who is behind what. We all should already know enough of this, and even if we don’t we should know what it is we have to do. I feel like the more we go on doing nothing, we find more excuses to divide ourselves even further, more isolation like she pointed out. Once again, I know my opinions on this are not the most agreed on, but this is what I believe.

        1. Your opinions are well regarded Jamal, don’t you worry about that buddy.

          Reading other sites by our people makes our people stronger and more intune. This woman believe it or not had a much different tune earlier,( over many months) Henry’s voice changed her way of thinking a lot.

          A lot of sites have heard Henry loud and fkg clear, slowly but surely his message is resonating. He has made it clear, its ok not to be scared, throw this shit right back, they are cowards..

          Its goddamned important our people read all these other opinions, it just makes us stronger.

          You being here makes this site stronger, walk strong brother

        2. Mark and Jamal, I do listen to all opinions for I feel I have to stay on-watch and that I have a responsibility to expose a Judas-goat when I see one. I don’t want to be lead to the slaughter and am compelled to warn others. This is just me. Others approach it differently. And yes, I’ll ask it over and over again, “Why isn’t so-and-so talking about our rights.?” I’m ready to fight, but I also still talk, confront, expose, shame, defame, wherever I can. Ron Paul betrayed us on 9/11 Truth. For me, that was like the Halloween apple with the hidden razor blade inside. So I could no longer take apples from him. I guess no one is always right, but on huge issues that affect my freedom, I can’t ignore where some are horribly wrong, and in this case it is the strong promoting of Q and Trump.

          Well, like I said, I’ve only listened to a few minutes so far. Will finish and see what I see. I know you guys are fully for freedom, I just couldn’t go to sleep last night without addressing all the red flags that flew up for me. Okay, back later. Still with you in The Trench, though I might soon get thrown out. Ha!!


          1. I dont give a rats ass about Q or Trump, im not promoting Q in any way, this was posted to show how others are coming around, period.
            im not here to make everybody comfortable, Im here to grow a site.

          2. Brother, not sayin’ you’re “promoting Trump,” but SHE is. After all these years I certainly know where you stand. I do think that each speaking his or her truthful opinion grows the site, even when crud comes in has to be washed away. Hope you watch the whole of this vid soon and see/understand more.


          3. Oh course I watched the video, that’s why it got posted, I knew our people would respond and give opinions, that’s how it works Galen, yes its been alot of years, I thought by now you would have understood that.

            Im trying to make a living right now, I cant keep pulling over to respond to this.

            So give em hell Galen..

  2. I’ve come to understand that sometimes one stands alone. We hope support comes forth, but it doesn’t always happen. I’m asking myself what support did for William Wallace.

    When Polly speaks of belief in God, and belief in God as solution, she speaks of those qualities as being above morals and ethics, that this is what being virtuous is. So people who entertain doubt or who do not believe in God cannot be virtuous? So many are at different levels of perception and understanding; we cannot know what yet is unrevealed, so we go on what we know. I say this as a believer. But I do not think a person’s belief system determines his or her value and worth. Agnostics and atheists are capable of virtue. Is not virtue born of heart and conscience?

    Still 12 minutes to go with this vid, and though it takes time and concentration to analyze it, I think it’s worth the effort to discuss it here at the site because Polly has thousands of followers, there strengthening the Trump movement, assuring it grows.

    Oh Yemen, how like you the world is becoming, where billionaires rule and ruin. But American Nationals will not let it happen. We will fight the fight of fights, and like William Wallace, go the distance.


    1. Without God and the morals given to us by him which are innate, why should we say anything is wrong? Murder, enslavement, theft, why are any of these wrong if it benefits the offender? What authority makes it moral or not? But if any atheists believe in virtues and morals, good. They should then also fight for the just cause whether they believe it from God or not. As for what support did for William wallace, I ask, what did support do for the founders of this nation? Or for the bolsheviks for that matter? If we think scattered we’re going to be some Rambo type figure and achieve our goals, then I have to say its a pipe dream. If we can’t realize we are going to have to be just as organized as our enemies then I believe like I said a long time ago, we’re just waiting to be examples of the scattered masses picked off a little at a time. Why are people so afraid to join? Why are we further dividing ourselves? Maybe examples like the guys in Michigan in the supposed plot to kidnap a governor was indeed a false flag or bullshit and meant to tell us “don’t do this or this will happen to you”.

      1. Jamal,
        I don’t know how it is where you live, but all I can say is I have nothing to say.
        If there were entire communities organized, trained, and equipped, I would never come on here and start them. That is something that is just not going to happen. It would be counterproductive, would it not?
        Again, I don’t know how it is where you are at, but I’m pretty confident they are going to get one hell of a fight where I am at.
        As for having to be a Christian to have morals, I’ve seen real Christians and I have seen Christians that wear the clothes, attend the churches, get down on their knees and pray like they mean it, and they are some of the lowest sons of bitches to ever breathe air.
        An atheist means you believe in nothing.
        How about this? My god is liberty and my bible the Bill of Rights.
        I believe in ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you’ but I also believe in doing unto others as they are doing unto you, in a more heinous way because good guys don’t win and the most moral people are going to have to commit the most immoral acts imaginable, just like they had to back in the 1770s. And as with every war, the ones who have to do the dirty work, though they will have been the ones to cast that which is the most moral, liberty and freedom, they will sacrifice their souls in doing so, Christian or not.
        I don’t know where you live but it has come to the point that those who have prepared, and I do mean whole communities, cannot wear their patriotism on their sleeve, it takes away an advantage.
        I’m sorry for those who can’t find what they think isn’t there, but it could be you started looking way too late.
        Our people will unite and will fight as a competent counter-force. There is no such thing as organizing out in the open at this point in the ballgame because you will be infiltrated. Once the fireworks start going off, it won’t matter, just like none of the unlawful prohibitions on our liberty will matter. If you are in a firefight, kill or be killed, you are not worrying about a ticket or going to jail.
        I’ll make you this promise. Once you pop that first cap, you will be free for the rest of your life, however long that may be.
        It is a tough shit situation, but it is what it is and it is not going to change until the lead starts flying.
        Stay safe, brother.

        1. “…but I also believe in doing unto others as they are doing unto you, in a more heinous way because good guys don’t win and the most moral people are going to have to commit the most immoral acts imaginable, just like they had to back in the 1770s.”

          This has been a leap for me, Henry, but now I see this conviction finally being restored within myself after so many years of opposite programming, of letting evil run rampant over all our lives. It will take this viciousness to be able to do what needs to be done. And behind such “heinous” deeds is the deepest morality and compassion, for it faces evil down with the intent to bring us back the life we deserve. Thank you for cultivating this. Urgent, to say the least.


      2. Well Jamal, I finished the video. At 27:48 she says that we are not yet at hot war and “we are not … having to do real revolutionary acts yet.” Says it’s “not necessary” yet. Says we need to get together with our neighbors and “discuss how ridiculous this is.” I don’t think she’s locked and loaded.

        As for the God question… I’m just so glad our Bill of Rights is for all, believers and non-believers, and doubters and questioners. Just like the sun shines on everybody and the rain falls on everybody.

        I think the boat was well rocked today, and as intense as that is, for me personally, it’s ultimately a good thing, for it helps me define my stance and become stronger in it. And yes, the times I’ve been wrong are numerous, but that’s how I learn, so I welcome being called out or challenged. Only wish I had infinite time and energy. Thanks for sharing what is on your heart.


    2. ‘Agnostics and atheists are capable of virtue. Is not virtue born of heart and conscience?’ yes
      My elderly neighbor in Illinois was an atheist. To this very day she was the most Christlike person I have ever known.

      1. Yeah. They might not believe in a supernatural being, but they might believe in goodness, or courage, or integrity, or even unexplained miracles. Thanks, Mary.


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