Jacob Clynick: 13-year-old Michigan boy develops myocarditis, dead three days after second experimental Pfizer mRNA shot

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ZILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN — A 13-year-old boy who loved Pokémon and playing video games is dead in yet another tragic, unnecessary death.

Young Jacob Clynick received his first experimental Pfizer mRNA injection on May 23. He received the second injection on June 13. His aunt, Tami Burages, posted a photo of Jacob’s vaccine card on Twitter. Jacob died just three days after the second injection. 

Ms. Burages said her nephew died from an “enlarged heart.” That is called myocarditis, which has now killed god-knows-how-many teenagers after receiving the experimental mRNA shots. Ms. Burages posted a series of very strange tweets thereafter. She seems conflicted as to whether she supports injecting children with experimental shots or not.

First she blames Pfizer for her nephew’s death. But then she says the shots “save lives” and that others should get their kids vaccinated. She also said that her own 14-year-old son has already received the experimental injection.

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5 thoughts on “Jacob Clynick: 13-year-old Michigan boy develops myocarditis, dead three days after second experimental Pfizer mRNA shot

  1. These people are either STUPID or just f***ing SICK IN THE HEAD! How many people have to die before these mentally retarded idiots realize that these ‘vaccines’ are LETHAL INJECTIONS?!? I never was an “I TOLD YOU SO!” person, but I am so sick and tired of hearing “But millions have been vaccinated and are doing well!” Based on what?!? What are these damn fools going to say when those “millions” start dropping dead from all kinds of cancers and other terminal medical conditions?!? Playing Russian Roulette because one is too stupid to understand the LIES being blatantly thrown in their face is a piss poor excuse for being a victim of medical murder. “But we were afraid of the Boogeyman virus! We did what the idiot box told us to!” To such people, these words are so true: “The credulous fool believes all that he hears without proof or examination; having no fixed principles of his own, he is at the mercy of any adviser, and is easily led astray.”

    1. I have close family members that have taken this “experimental” vaccine and literally won’t let me into their home because I am not vaccinated. What do they not get about it being “experimental”? it is just crazy. One family member is even a retired nurse.

      1. I would consider that a blessing! Those who are vaccinated can shed spike proteins, which anyone with common sense knows are something nobody wants in their body. I too have family and friends who are vaccinated and I am always leery when ever I attend any family gatherings. No offense, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that retired nurse ends up a dead retired nurse.

  2. Somewhere it says in the Bible (or was it Shakespeare?), “Pride comes before the fall.” I wonder how “proud” this lady is losing her nephew after she posts his “vaccine” card? And then you have this in the Bible: “Be wise as serpents….”–Christ. But no, stupidity seems to reign…..

  3. I’ve tried to spread the news that the Jab is a risk not worth taking, stated in sensible and easy to understand terms. The only good so far is that my 16 yr. old grandson has wholeheartedly rejected the idea, and will not get it.
    I’ve found that it’s useless trying to convince the brainwashed of anything. They’ve already fell victim to a common ploy of marketing. The news media said everyone was rushing to get the vaccine, and there was a short supply. Now governments have resorted to offering rewards to get the jab.
    When the SHTF in the coming months, I’m quite sure sane people will be blamed for the bad results of the jab by the insane, who are always in lockstep with the media.
    I wonder if it’ll be like a bad zombie movie 🙂 , or will they just try to force the issue with a “vaccine passport”? Look at the bright side, it’s been reported that a majority of those getting the jab, are the left leaning, “woke” crowd. The ones who say (believe) they know better, for all of us.

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