Janet Napolitano To Resign Today! Reuters Insider Tweet

Before It’s News – by Live Free or Die

According to this HUGE breaking story, Janet Napolitano is going to resign today. This comes straight from a Tweet from Reuter’s Insider.  Does this have anything to do with the DHS spying upon peaceful protesters? Is is because the DHS was arming up for war against Americans? Should this be seen as a GREAT sign or does this portend forthcoming disaster?  

Here’s the statement from Napolitano: “For more than four years I have had the privilege of serving President Obama and his Administration as the Secretary of Homeland Security. The opportunity to work with the dedicated men and women of the Department of Homeland Security, who serve on the frontlines of our nation’s efforts to protect our communities and families from harm, has been the highlight of my professional career. We have worked together to minimize threats of all kinds to the American public. The Department has improved the safety of travelers; implemented smart steps that make our immigration system more fair and focused while deploying record resources to protect our nation’s borders; worked with states to build resiliency and make our nation’s emergency and disaster response capabilities more robust; and partnered with the private sector to improve our cybersecurity. After four plus years of focusing on these challenges, I will be nominated as the next President of the University of California to play a role in educating our nation’s next generation of leaders. I thank President Obama for the chance to serve our nation during this important chapter in our history, and I know the Department of Homeland Security will continue to perform its important duties with the honor and focus that the American public expects.” from Napolitano:


23 thoughts on “Janet Napolitano To Resign Today! Reuters Insider Tweet

    1. I agree…maybe she sees the agenda as being fruitless and is going into hiding, or, it’s about to get real and she is going into hiding. Smart politicians should/will distance themselves from Obummer. Something is on the horizon. Time is now, to defend the Homeland and Constitution of the U.S.A. “Lead, follow, or get out of the way”. I wonder what her choice is? One down……………..

  1. One of the worst examples of an American official in the history of our republic. Commie to the core, and as useless as a left handed bacon stretcher. This person belongs in a transgender half way recovery house giving advice on post op recovery.

  2. LOL. I agree with Mark.
    I don’t know if I should be happy about this or worried. Lets see who the next tyrannical DHS figurehead will be.
    I wonder if Snowden has anything on her that she has to be concerned about.

  3. The first director under GWB was a queer too. He completely fell apart right after Hurricane Katrina….I don’t remember his name at the moment. GWB had a gay prostitue practically living at the WH at the time too. The jewish oligarchs think this chit is funny… ;(

  4. Translation of Big Sis’s Orwellian speak-
    “We have worked together to minimize threats of all kinds to the American public”=We have further set-up a military police state to take away your freedoms. “The Department has improved the safety of travelers”=Our agents had a great time groping all of you who dared travel. We hired the best perverts on the criminal records we could find. “Implemented smart steps that make our immigration system more fair and focused”=we opened the borders to all the drug cartels to help us take down your government, and by the way, the AG helped provide them with the weapons to do so. “Worked with states to build resiliency and make our nation’s emergency and disaster capabilities more robust”=We’ve committed false flag attacks under the guise of an exercise so the sheeple will go along with more control over them. Also set-up FUSION centers in states to spy on those uppity nationals who may give us trouble in the coming take-over. And now I exit stage “LEFT” to train up some more good Bolsheviks to lead you into total slavery.” Well, at least that is my translation of Nazi Napolitano’s farewell speech.

  5. Does she get a life time secret service style protection force???
    I bet if someone hung her high the defense attorney would get paid by third party sources.

    I mean I would send money to a lawyer in an event like that.

    Hey Janet come move next door to me. I want to show you sum-tang.(as in full tang)

  6. Another one bites the dust. Just 327 to go.
    atouk I think your right
    Rats leaving a sinking ship. Lets see if there are any more.
    Something Is coming.

  7. I’d be doing the happy dance right now if this said she was dead. Leaving office isn’t good enough for this kind of swine.

  8. Maybe she did her job getting the door open for the Muslim take over of DHS?? Now she is free to move on before Congress comes down hard on her?? God I hope I’m wrong!!!

    You gotta see this to understand why I say that. http://youtu.be/vU_ofLgo28Q

    . . .

    1. Cathleen the country is run by the Zionist I think a Muslim is out of the question. She going to University of California a bastion of liberal homosexuals and get $600,000.00 year raise for being a obedient comrade commie. Barry will appoint another Zionist to the position.

      1. The Other Mark … I really hate that she is coming to CA. I was born and raised here, but man … it’s not the same state it used to be when I was a kid.

        . . .

        1. Cathleen, I hear that. I too was born in CA, and the only way I would go back is in a box feet first.

          1. Where did you finally end up The Other Mark … if you care to say that is? And do you like it where you are?

            I was thinking Arizona for myself but they are having water issues. So maybe go north to Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, etc. where the water is.

            . . .

  9. Swine is the wrong word for her. I raise pigs, and they are great. (and tasty). She is more like the rodent. Put out a little boron, and maybe she will nibble it up. (boron=ingredient in rat poison)

  10. Though this is good news, I can’t help but think that whoever replaces her can only be as bad or worse. She’ already has another job lined up. President of U.C.

    Why does this state end up with the most hideous and insane women politicians? It seems to be a magnet for them. I could just puke.

    Here is another article that I came across about her new job.


  11. Tomorrow we’ll find out that she’s sold her house, packed her bags, and is on her way to her South American hide-out.

    1. Maybe she’ll have a few acres of the Bush ground in Paraguay. Think that’s where all the crooks go to hide-out after they’ve done their prepared role for the New World Order.

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