Jerry Nadler Ends Recess Early to Pursue Gun Control

Breitbart – by AWR Hawkins

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) is reconvening his committee a week before the rest of Congress in order to work on gun control.

He also plans to hold a hearing on a possible “assault weapons” ban. 

NBC News reported:

In addition to “assault weapons,” Nadler specifically wants to “work on gun-related measures relating to high-capacity magazines and prohibiting people convicted of misdemeanor hate crimes from possessing a gun.”

On August 8, Breitbart News reported Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s (R-KY) saying an “assault weapons” ban would be “front and center” when the Senate reconvenes in September. He opined that universal background checks “will probably lead the discussion.”

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12 thoughts on “Jerry Nadler Ends Recess Early to Pursue Gun Control

  1. “…” Nadler specifically wants to “work on gun-related measures relating to high-capacity magazines and prohibiting people convicted of misdemeanor hate crimes from possessing a gun.”

    Better talk to Geraldo.

  2. Well wonderful, I think they are listening to us and want to really try and do it, well, come on down little tyrants, remember to go all the way and let us subjects learn our place in your world…..they must feel they have the numbers now…..

    Wonder how and when they will enforce it, well, that was an impressive Police response to that shooting the other day yeah, is that how they intend to enforce their Red flag BS…?

    Have these tards in suits really figured out how to do it? Have they pow wowed with the cops, military and fusion centers? and they’ve all decided on a plan on how this shit will go down….

    OOooohh, That’s a Bingo….!! (from inglorious bastards movie)…I bet these fks have their little Stasi, SS Uniforms all ready to go huh…

    1. Another one of those jooish goons telling us what we can’t have, of course in direct VIOLATION of our Bill of Rights.

      “Nadler was born into a Jewish family in Brooklyn, the son of Miriam (née Schreiber) and Emanuel “Max” Nadler” Wikipedia

  3. This is the shit that really gets me.
    “Jerry Nadler Ends Recess Early to Pursue Gun Control”
    All these pencil neck spineless pricks have to do is announce an early meeting and have people say “They must have found a way to do it. I guess we might as well just give up then.”
    Many people are like a spooky horse, you know one of those ‘noidy son of a bitches, looking under every hunk of sage brush for something to bolt and run from.
    Of course they have been talking to Blackwater USA corporate enforcers and of course they have been setting their plan to bring foreign troops in. I guess as soon as our founders heard that the king’s men were sending out regiments to confiscate guns, they should have deduced this to mean that they were whipped and just surrendered rather than sitting down and making their own plan to rip the redcoats a new asshole.
    No, they have not figured out a way to do it. They are in a ‘noided fit, trying to figure out how to do a brutal attack and scare the nation of the brave into turning in their only link left to freedom without a fight.
    Goddamn it, if outnumbering them thousands to one and being true to our country’s mantra, “I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees”, can be rattled by something this f-king petty, I guess we’d better just give up and surrender the largest army to ever exist on the planet to a handful of communists who can’t even crack an egg.
    Stop shitting your pants every time some limp wristed spineless yellow ass communist threatens you. Shoot your f-king guns and become proficient with them. If it weren’t for the cowardice in this country, this would have never gotten this far, hell it would have never gotten started. And realize there is going to be a group within the patriot movement who is just going to piss themselves as cowardice is in their DNA.
    If every free national walked out the door right now and just started banning up as they moved forward, we could smear these f-kers in a day, but this sorting through the handful of cowards to get them the f-k out of the way or getting the f-k out of their way so they can go ahead and surrender, is going to cost us lives.
    It is real f-king simple, either you are an American national that is going to kick the shit out of these f-king pussies, or you need to completely remove yourself from the conversation because they will make your little bit of cowardice project as the norm as they own the projector.
    Nut the f-k up and tell these assholes to get with it. When they can project a degree of fear from anything as inconsequential as this sorry ass headline, they are scoring little victories that are meaningless to the mass majority that are going to fight.
    I don’t care if they meet all f-king month, I’m sure the redcoats had several big meetings too. The only question here is who fears a handful of pencil neck spineless yellow ass mother f-kers who will be as far away from the fight as humanly possible.
    Tell me, bad ass American, are you going to be whipped by words by an enemy you outnumber thousands to one?
    They announce a meeting, the response is, hurry the f-k up, we are tired of waiting on you. I guess that is for the ones who mean it when they declare all out war on the enemy.
    F-k ’em and feed ’em to the fishes. Three percent of the population had to do all the fighting the first time around, this time anybody who can’t grow a pair and stand and fight to enforce that Bill of Rights is at minimum going to be thrown out of this country when the American nationals wipe these f-king communists out.
    A coward who fears words in a situation like this is as dangerous to a free people as a rabid Rottweiler. They will not only run and hide, but they will aid and abet the enemy with the notion that they will get better treatment from the enemy that they have already surrendered to.
    All cowards need to get out of this f-king country because if you are caught aiding and abetting the enemies of the ratified law for this country, you will receive the worst of the treatment and this is not your country so you need to get the f-k out.

    1. Thank you, Henry. A wonderful rallying call. These things can’t be said enough. So much cowering and complicity. Thank you for yelling and screaming it. If we don’t fight we’re slaves and slavery is so much more than a cashless society, or a drugged-up society. It’s a spectrum, from jay-walking rules, to forced labor, to torture and death, and it always goes the distance. Thank you, Henry.


    2. Nailed it yet AGAIN! I woke up this morning with exactly this sentiment in my head and it’s like you read my mind, Henry. Half-measures are no measures at all, and actually work in favor of the enemy in the circumstances WE are currently in. They have designed their system to function in the fashion that ANY “option” presented to US ultimately only benefits them. The ONE option they NEVER offer is the one WE need to be steadfast in.

    3. Outstanding rant, Henry!

      But, but, but… why hasn’t Geraldo been ‘red flagged’ yet? He has guns, right? 😯


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