Jewish Conquest in the Middle East through the US

An Egyptian mob burned Israel’s embassy in Cairo, Israel’s ambassadors to both Egypt and Turkey have been forced to leave those countries, the Palestinians are petitioning for a vote in the UN for recognition of a Palestinian State, and a CIA predator drone was shot down near the Afghan/Pakistan border.   All this as Iran brings its first nuclear power plant online, bringing renewed assertions that they are building a nuclear bomb.  Things are pretty much shaping up exactly as predicted.  And of course the United States is coming out on the wrong side of every issue in joining with Israel to play both ends against the middle.

The call from the Israeli insurgents within our government is to block the Palestinian State with the UN and in fact deny Palestine recognition within that world body, while at the same time we have backed the recognition of Libyan Al Qaeda in the UN.  This is hypocrisy born of cold calculation as the world power elite push their World War III agenda forward.

It cannot be denied that the situation in the United States is getting out of hand as we the people continue to see the depth of duplicity and treason prevalent in what is supposed to be our government.  As the situation deteriorates, both at home and abroad, the practicality of a third world war as a last ditch effort to usher in the new world order is becoming more prevalent every day.

Those who believe anything coming out of the mainstream media anymore can equate to only a minute and extremely ignorant portion of our society.  Those who have studied 9/11 and know that it was a false flag event designed to bring us to war in the Middle East know without a doubt the depths the international power elite will go to to procure their ultimate dream.

Mark my words on this day, the power elite will cause chaos around the planet and then step in with their one world order as the only avenue to peace.  This is a technique they have been using for hundreds of years and it has been quite effective in the past.  The only thing standing between the people and a third world war is the very thing that has brought on the necessity for such a war, and that is the internet.

The people around the world are communicating and are coming to the understanding that it is not the citizens of other countries who are causing them pain and misfortune, but rather the governments of other countries which are in reality acting against the wishes of their citizens in carrying out the orders of the international power elite.

It is the little things like spending billions in one country fighting Al Qaeda while spending billions in another country to support an Al Qaeda insurgency.  This is classic 1984 dogma.  Our enemies are our friends depending on what day of the week it is.

When the Palestinians make their attempt at statehood we the people of the United States are going to observe the amount of power the Israeli-Americans wield in our government in proportion to the percentage of their population.  Jews make up 1.7% of the US population yet somehow these so called Jewish-Americans are dictating our foreign policy as dictated by the Israeli government.  And our diplomats in the UN will support or depose any position or people that they are directed to support or depose by the Israeli government through their US insurgents.  When 1.7% of a population is exercising such sway over a world power, that 1.7% can only be described as a 5th Column.

Israel, since its inception, has shown nothing but a propensity towards violence and conflict.  And as the Israeli insurgents seize more and more power within our government, the United States is taking on the tendencies, transforming our once peaceful nation into an Israeli war machine for the conquest of the wealth of the world for the benefit of the Israelis and to the detriment of every other people on the planet.

We have to get Ron Paul voted into office and remove the Israeli-Americans from our government if the world is ever to know peace again.  How can we capitulate in any way to the Jews who believe that God made only them as human beings and the rest of the people of the world as nothing more than cattle to be slaughtered or enslaved to the benefit of the chosen?

God help us see the evil ones among us.

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  1. Over the years I’ve always cheered on Israel as the under dog. Well, I was sure fucking wrong about that. No more ! Excellent article, Rick.

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