Good Communists Inoculate Their Children When Commissar Rick Perry Dictates Gardasil Shot

Rick Perry’s Texas State Executive Order making the Gardasil shot mandatory for girls as young as ten years old has been front and center in the news.  It is interesting to listen to the various factions argue back and forth ad nauseum without ever touching on the nuclei of the question and that is the necessity of a mandate verses personal liberty.

I know the mainstream has talked all around this issue but in every debate concerning mandatory vaccination, the ultimate logical conclusion is always avoided like the plague, pun intended.  If your children are going to enter a public school (which I would not recommend for more reasons than I can count) theoretically you must have them vaccinated in order to stop the spread of contagious diseases.

If you say you do not want your children to have the shots because you believe they may cause them harm, you are quickly countered with the argument that you do not have the right to not vaccinate your children as they will potentially spread disease to the other children in the school.

Now if you are one of these people who believe in these vaccinations (which I am not) and you have your children vaccinated and you believe the vaccinations work, why do you care if I have my children vaccinated or not?  I mean if the vaccinations work, my children can cause your children no harm.  On the other hand, if the vaccinations are unhealthy, your propensity to force me to do as you do could harm my children.

I am tired of the pretence that there is no ulterior motive behind the push for vaccinations.  The fact is there are billions of them; we know them better as fiat dollars.  The lawsuits in opposition to Obamacare have been centered on a central issue and that is can the government force a private citizen to buy a commercial product from any corporate business.  And the answer under our Constitution is no, they cannot.  So how are these corporate produced pharmaceutical products considered to be an exception to that rule?  They are not.

This government is trying to tell us that we cannot drink the raw milk that we have been consuming for thousands of years.   At the same time this petty little tyrant, Rick Perry, is mandating experimental drugs for ten year olds.  I know he has said over and over that he told parents they could opt out.

Go to one of these social communistic schools and tell them that you want to opt out of vaccinations.  First they will try to insinuate a threat and then if you stand on your principals, there will be a social worker knocking on your door.  Make no mistake, the public schools in the United States are nothing short of communistic indoctrination centers and government inoculations are an intrinsic part of the curriculum.

Remember, government knows best, so all of you out there foolish enough, stop drinking raw milk and start giving your ten year old girls Gardasil shots and we will see how much your government loves you when your child has been reduced to a state of retardation or is dead.  And don’t forget the fact that the long term effects of Gardasil cannot be known as it is experimental.

Rick Perry has proven himself to be nothing more than a whore for big business and those out there pushing these vaccinations are trying to force every parent to make the same mistake, so that those parents who cooperate cannot be blamed for their individual stupidity, in that when they look at their children destroyed or dead they can say, “I’m so sorry, but I had to do it because everybody else did.”

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    1. Reminds me of a conversation I had with a “guidance counselor” in 10th grade back in1960:

      “Well, Brian…so what do you want to be when you get through high school?”

      “Alive”, I replied.

      He did not appreciate my sense of humor any more than I appreciated the “educational” system.

      1. I got a Hi2i or whatever the Hell that swine flu inoculation was back in 2009, because of all the propaganda attached to it by the media.( I’ve wised up in many ways, since. ) For 3 days I was so sick I couldn’t get out of bed, except to crawl to the bathroom. Needless to say, that was this ‘ole boy’s last vaccination. Great article, Rachel !

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