Jewish Woman Victimized By ‘Anti-Semitic’ Slurs Such as “Zionist Jews Were Responsible For 9/11!” Prove That New Anti-Semitism Protections Are Needed At UC Campuses

Liberty Fight – by Martin Hill

The University of California Board of Regents held their much-anticipated meeting at UC Irvine on Thursday, purportedly to decide whether or not to adopt the U.S. State Department’s official definition of Anti-Semitism for the UC system. They held a lively public comment period with over fifty speakers waiting in line, who were given exactly one minute each to speak.

Many people are unaware that the UC Board of Regents President is none other than “Big Sis,” former Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano!  

Free speech advocates and critics of Israel spoke strongly in opposition to adoption of such a policy, while Jewish and pro-Israel folks insisted that it was necessary to stop the hate, bigotry, and Anti-Semitism. In the end the board decided there was “more work to be done” in drafting the document, but the video testimonies here are priceless.

One Jewish woman said that “malicious anti-zionism and anti-semitism go hand in hand.”

At minute 13, an angry Jewish woman complained of specific hate crimes committed against her and her friends, including one man who dared to tell her that “Zionist jews were responsible for 9/11!”

One Jewish male student who supported the BDS movement said he’s concerned about “demonizing or applying a double standard to Iran,” and that he wants the regents to carefully consider the “implications of their actions.”

A female UC Alum and member of the National Lawyers Guild said that adopting the State Department definition of Anti-Semitism would amount to an unconstitutional violation of the first amendment and “will serve to chill political speech.”

Another said “now criticising the Israeli government is going to be banned. Judaism is a religion. Israel is a state. Why do you want to ban criticizing the Israeli government?

Another urged the regents to “allow the full intellectual force of the university to prevail.”

A Jewish speaker complained to the regents of the “toxic campus climate” that has developed “because of your inaction.”

Another added that “it is unacceptable for someone who is not Jewish to define what is or is not Anti-Semitism.”

Yet another insisted that “the State of Israel does not represent all Jews” and that criticism of Israel, even if objectionable, is “not akin to harassment.”

A young lady from ‘Christians United for Israel” urged the regents to adopt the State Dept. definition of anti-semitism on campus and asked the regents “Will you stand up and show strength? Or weakness in the face of blatant Anti-Semitism!?”

Next, the regents held their discussion on the matter. Despite media reports that a vote was to occur on adopting the State Dept definition of Anti-semitism, the board had actually already drafted a document for consideration titled THE REGENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA’S STATEMENT OF PRINCIPLES AGAINST INTOLERANCE in preparation for the September 19th meeting, which the board would discuss. This proposed document paled in comparision to the State Dept’s extreme defnition of Anti-Semitism. As a matter of fact, the proposed ‘statement of principles’ linked above made no mention whatsoever of Jews or Anti-Semitism! The Jews at the meeting were very upset at this glaring omission, and in the end the UC regents decided they will work on drafting a new version to consider.

One Regent noted “I’m a woman, I’m a lesbian, I’m a hillbilly… the state department definition may not be correct, we think we have more work to do..”

A male regent complained that the statement “essentially says nothing,” that it was “a whitewash… by not specifically addressing Anti-Semitism.”

Another admitted that the state department definition “isn’t one that lends itself to an academinc environment. We’re smarter than that. We can craft a policy.”

Regent Bloom suggested “suspension or dismissal” for students who commit such ‘crimes’ or offenses that were cited by the Jewish speakers.

Regent Reese said that the proposed statement “doesn’t say to Jewish students ‘we hear you.’

At minute :37 Janet Napolitano begins speaking. She said “more work needs to be done… we have a huge diverse population…we want to get it right …to listen, to learn, and in the end to educate and to educate well, so that when our students graduate they will have a sense of what it means to live in an open and diverse society… this work will be a process of the board.”

Here is the video of the public speakers. [Public comments begin at minute 5:33. 9/11 girl starts at minute 13.]
[direct link.]

Here is the video of the Board of Regents discussion. Big Sis Janet Nap starts at minute 37.

[direct link.]

It’s ironic that this regents meeting was held at UC Irvine, which is not the standard location for the board meetings. Readers may remember that five years ago, a group of Muslim students at UC Irvine heckled Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren and were later arrested and charged with criminal conspiracy offenses. The case, dubbed the ‘Irvine 11,’ was a particularly controversial matter involving freedom of speech on college campuses. The Muslims were not charged until nearly a year after the incident. The statute of limitations was about to expire when a Jewish Rabbi paid a personal visit to Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas office, which then ‘coincidentally’ and immediately filed criminal charges against all the Muslims, who were ultimately (and unfortunately) convicted. [See our extensive coverage of that case here: Five Years Ago, The ‘Irvine 11’ Dared to Heckle An Israeli Ambassador on a UC Campus- & Learned How ‘Special’ Israel Really Was.]

Here is the main page of the meeting and Agendas.

News of the meeting:

11 thoughts on “Jewish Woman Victimized By ‘Anti-Semitic’ Slurs Such as “Zionist Jews Were Responsible For 9/11!” Prove That New Anti-Semitism Protections Are Needed At UC Campuses

  1. Is that dyke still drawing breath?…Just goes to confirm that all these clowns need to meet their maker…EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM.. NO PARDONS, NO MERCY, ALL OF THEM…



    Like Comment

  3. Why such hatred towards Jews? Well, let’s see. Lying, cheating, stealing, murdering, back-stabbing, sympathy squeezing, dirty, stinking Jews have brought nothing but pain, greed, and suffering to mankind. Other than that, I can think of nothing.


  5. The more Jews attempt to fight anti-Semitism by infringing freedom of speech, the more they prove the anti-Semites correct.

    Facts are facts:

    * Zionist Jews DO have disproportionate influence over governments, especially the US government. I don’t see US politicians visiting Mecca; I see them sucking kosher ass at the Wailing Wall.

    * I suppose all the European laws against Holocaust denial are the result of Jewish powerlessness?

    * Israeli intelligence DID have foreknowledge of the 9/11 attacks (at the very least).

    * The USS Liberty massacre was a failed attempt at a false flag, just like the Lavon Affair.

    Actually, the real problem isn’t Jews per se (some, like Norman Finkelstein and the late Bobby Fischer, have condemned the evils of their tribe) but Jewish Supremacism, which is what Zionism is really all about.

    The writings of Prof. Kevin MacDonald on this subject are highly recommended. A good place to start is “Neoconservatism as a Jewish Movement,” which is easily found on the Web.

    Spread the word! The truth is on our side against the Jewish Supremacists, and it WILL win in the end.

    1. I second that and I might add three of the most informative expose’s of Jewry, their methods, their long term planning and intentions along with much more, all available in whole on the net:

      1. “1976 Interview of Mr. Harold Rosenthal” former personal aide to then Senator Jacob K. Javits. Mr. Rosenthal was ultimately killed for giving this arrogant interview as he boasts of the power and influence of Jewry in America – ‘we Jews own everything – we Jews worship Lucifer’.

      2. “The Jewish Question in Europe and its Remedies” – La Civiltal Cattolica, Oct, Nov, Dec, 1890. Published with under the authority of Pope Leo XIII. This publication is one of the most dense and precise warnings of the ways and means of Jewry and their threat to the world and Church. – a must read

      3. “The Plot Against the Church” written and published firstly in Italian in 1962 under the pen name of “Maurice Pinay” by twelve Vatican Theologian/Historians. These priests, while studying documents and papers in the Vatican Archives, in their original languages, discovered the largest and most sinister conspiracy in history still in progress; the intentions of Jewry to establish a One World Satanic Judeo/Freemasonic Dictatorship. Even the Vatican tried to stop the books publication but were too late as it had already hit the bookshelves’ in Italy. Only one of the priest authors has ever been discovered, the other 11 and several Prelates and Cardinals who co-operated with the book have remained anonymous.

      Their is no publication more precise in explaining the history, intentions, and satanic religion of Jewry since the time of Christ.
      Here we see how the Jews were the authors of Freemasonry and near every other social plague and heresy the Church has every undergone. Here we read of the “Marranos” or Secret/Crypto Jews and how they have through the centuries, whole families, faked conversion to Christianity with many becoming Catholic Cardinals and Bishops (possibly two recent Popes), Protestant Bishops and Minister’s, Pagan Priests, Islamic Clerics, all to undermine and destroy all religions and institutions while still secretly practicing their satanic faith. How the Boshevic Jews created Communism and much much more. Although the book is available in whole to read on the net, I suggest it be bought and read more comfortably from OMNI Christian Books of California, for I believe, $25.

      These three, all are eye openers, each even more precise and all explaining the religion and intentions of perfidious Jewry. Of the 512 highest offices in the First Soviet Communist Government of Russia in 1917, 467 were Jews. Alexander Solzhenitsyn writes in his last book on “200 Years of Russian History” (with no English pub. willing to publish it) how the Jews murdered over 66 million Russians, Ukrainians, Polish, Hungarians, Lithuanians, Latvians, Estonians, Romanians, etc; that all the prison camps, torture chambers, gulags and prison work (death) gangs, were all run by Jews. The “Young Turks” who orchestrated the murder of over 1.5 Armenians, were all Jews from a Jewish sect – Twelve Bolshevik Jews were the orchestrators, facilitators and conferee’s of Mao, who helped him with the process of killing over 75 million Chinese. Some might wonder why over 120 countries and thousands of cities, towns, provinces and kingdoms, expelled the Jews for their treason, fraud, theft, subterfuge, assassinations, and other major crimes, unfortunately most were discovered and exposed after the harm and crimes had bee accomplished.

      Do read the three above and you will not be disappointed.

  6. “… while Jewish and pro-Israel folks insisted that it was necessary to stop the hate, bigotry, and Anti-Semitism.”

    Now make the lying jews prove they were Hebrews – the TRUE Semites.

    Otherwise, STFU, you STUPID ZIONIST COW!!!

  7. “One Regent noted “I’m a woman, I’m a lesbian, I’m a hillbilly…”

    Bragging… or complaining, b#tch? There’s a simple solution for that problem.

    Insert gun in mouth… pull trigger.

    Make sure it’s loaded, though.

    1. Queers are everywhere. It’s like a plague. Rewind to the Seinfeld episode that had the line, “Not that there’s anything wrong with that.”

  8. Really? And I guess Anti-Muslim feelings don’t count, huh? What a bunch of whiney, hypocritical bastards, those Jews are. So sick of them and their “anti-semitic” bullshit, especially when they are not “semitic” people. Does anything about the Jews ever make any sense? Absolutely not.

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