Jews ‘own banks, media, government,’ American model claims

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The latest celebrity to openly spout antisemitic vitriol is American model Carmen Ortega Baljian who told her 2.5 million Instagram followers that “evil” Jews own “banks,” the “media,” and control the government.

“They own banks, they own the media, and in our politics heavy. Who’s awake yet?” Ortega, who also bills herself as an entrepreneur and fashion designer, wrote.

Ortega shared a tweet by conservative pundit Candace Owens about JP Morgan Chase dropping Kanye “Ye” West, apparently a result of his own antisemitic posts.

Ortega captioned Owen’s tweet on her Instagram story, writing: “Who runs the banks? How many more times will I be right about these people?”

Jamie Dimon, a Greek non-Jew, serves as CEO of JP Morgan Chase, a publicly traded bank.

In a separate Instagram story, Ortega wrote: “Have short version of the Talmud just in case anyone has any more doubts. It’s time to wake up baby. What’s happening to Kanye is a direct example of everything. So when I’m always preaching stop voting pro-Israel.”

“You are supporting the very people or the people’s people that think it’s okay to do what they are doing to him. Our government is infiltrated with the same type of evil. Be intelligent,” she wrote.

“The truth is antisemtic [sic]. Let that sink in,” she wrote.

The Stop Antisemitism nonprofit slammed Ortega for risking the safety of Jewish people.

“Your rhetoric is putting the lives of Jews in jeopardy and with a verified following of 2.5 million, you need to do better, esp. as a marginalized woman yourself,” the group said alongside screenshots of her posts, and noted that it was only “a small example of disputing your antisemitic conspiracy theories of Jewish power and control.”

“This online hatred often inspires others to commit murder as we have seen from Tree of Life, Poway, & Parkland,” Stop Antisemitism said.

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9 thoughts on “Jews ‘own banks, media, government,’ American model claims

  1. spreading HORRIFIC anti semetic CONSPIRACY THEORIES… wonder if she knows the dirty joo ALLOWED her to become so popular?? she’s about to find out! hope she doesn’t have a lightning strike brakes fail heart attack 2 to the back of the head suicide!!!

  2. Why no-one has been charged with antichristianism? The usury-based- banking system is antichristianism. The Holy Bible in 9 occasion forbids usury. About 19 criminal acts are committed each time the so-called loans are approved. The usury monetary system gives power only to the few and is the primary cause of all wars, high rate of poeverty, social conflicts. then wen these people are expose for their crimes, they have a very inteligent way out by becoming victims, so not only they commit infinite crimes they hold anyone exposing their crooked system as anti this and anti that. it can’t get any better.

    1. You sort of answered your own question there. Look, all this “anti-” & “pro-” stuff is clearly just part of divide-and-conquer – getting stupid sheeple to pick a side & fight each other whilst the jew fleeces ALL. As long as you’re stuck in this futile battle at ANY or EVERY level you’re lost & the jew wins. I personally don’t give a flying f*ck about the religious situation either because at the end of the day even that is also divide-and-conquer BS that our ancestors died fighting either against or for.

      You are correct on this though – USURY is the root tool of all the evil that jews, and their paid minions, practice in the world today. Unnatural USURY (debt slavery), and some may add those unnatural beings who promote & use it, has to be completely eliminated if you want to live free & in harmony with Nature. Simple.

      1. And yet the christians, despite their bible, happily comply with ‘jew’ usury
        every day. What stinking hypocrites.


  3. Also, there’s something stinky about all these celebs all of a sudden making these statements.
    Don’t know where I saw this but here goes.

    Why is it muslims mostly name their boys muhammed.
    I mean you don’t see christians naming their boys Jesus Christ
    Or Jews naming their kids Satan….


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