Joe – Backyard Permaculture

Published on Oct 9, 2013 by Joe from the Carolinas

a tour of permaculture zone 0 in USDA grow zone 8a in North Carolina

A tour of the herb spiral and zone 1 garden

A tour of my permaculture zone 2

A tour of my permaculture zone 2-3

Posted for Liberty Tree Radio . 4mg . com listeners. Inspired by an interview I did with LTR on Friday, Oct 4, 2013. Available at indiana freedom talk radio . com .

dont forget about Paul Wheaton at & ; as well as the good militia folks at: ; and !

One thought on “Joe – Backyard Permaculture

  1. How did you get the avacado to grow? We had one here (south Louisiana) and it lasted about six months. We gave up on that one. Our lemon trees are doing good.

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