John F. Kennedy’s Assassin Makes Death Bed Confession

Ex-Governor Jesse Ventura, in an interview with syndicated radio talk show host Alex Jones, stated that he would be airing the death bed confession made by the individual who killed President John F. Kennedy.  The confession is due to air tonight on the series Conspiracy Theory on TruTV network at 10:00 pm EST.  Governor Ventura was putting the word out over the radio station as he said he believes the mainstream media will refuse to report on the event.

From the beginning after President Kennedy’s assassination, many have believed that the scenario put forth to explain the event by the Warren Commission did not add up.  Today I think it’s safe to say that those with knowledge, in reference to the original investigation and all those that followed, believe that the killing was a lot more involved than just one man with a rifle.

It would behoove all that read this to watch the show tonight as the cover up of the Kennedy assassination has to be considered one of the most diabolical acts of revenge against a political figure ever perpetrated by the international corporate mafia.

If the confession is all that Governor Ventura says it is, it should be by rights the lead story on every network tomorrow.  If it is as the governor has promised and is not even mentioned, that should go a long way in showing us just how far our so called government will go to keep us from the truth, and henceforth we had better judge everything they say with absolute suspicion.

The really sick part of this story is Governor Ventura said that the person making the confession did so, not out of regret, but because he was proud of what he did and wanted the credit he felt he was due.

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